Big Screen Television

In August 1993 Joyce and I were sitting in our living room talking when I brought the subject up about buying a rear project big screen television that I thought would fit nicely in our 18 x 24 foot living room. “Plenty of space for it,” I suggested. Joyce wasn’t actually against moving one of those sets in, but did not think that we could afford it at the time. “Do one of your things,” she said. Joyce was referring to my recent meditations where I was attempting to interact with information in the universe and she suggested that I simply ask for a big screen television and see what happens. We both laughed, but a moment later I laid down on the living couch and went into a short meditation. A few minutes later I sat up, looked across the room at Joyce, and said “It’s done. I have spoken to the universe.” Immediately the phone rang.

A relative was calling from a Chicago suburb with a question. She was buying her husband a new big screen television and wanted to know if we wanted the old set. She remembered that I had enjoyed watching it at their home and remembered that I was interested in owning one. The
coincidence in the timing between our conversation, my meditation, and the phone call was uncanny. A few weeks later I picked up the set and enjoyed it for many years.

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