Boy Next Door

While studying one evening in a bedroom of my off-campus apartment in Allegheny, New York, during my senior year at St. Bonaventure University, a strange voice entered my mind. Jack, one of my two roommates, was in the room at the time. The voice came from inside my mind and was as clear as if someone in the room had blurted it out, although I knew Jack could not have heard it. The voice simply said, “There’s a boy next door who would like to meet the two of you.”

Immediately I asked Jack to put on his shoes and come with me. I asked him not to ask any questions, that it was important, that he was to im- mediately follow me. He did. We both quickly left the apartment. As I shut the front door, I could hear the door next door shutting also.

We began walking down the street, passing first in front of the house next door where a local high school senior lived. Just passing the house we heard his voice and saw him running up behind us. “Hey,” he asked. “Do  you guys live next door? I’ve been wanting to meet you because I was think- ing about going to Bona’s in the fall and wanted to ask you a few questions.”

We talked for a few minutes and Jack and I went on our way.

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