Dying Neighbor

The idea of someone requesting information from me and then getting real results was of interest to me, but I did not pursue the idea very often. Several years later, in 2000 now, I discussed anomalous events with an- other colleague. We were almost joking around about it when the woman said that it would be okay if I remote viewed her life.

Neither of us suggested a past, present or future time, so the request merely took on a generalness to it.

I had been to this woman’s home once for a holiday party. It is situated roughly a mile and-a-half from my home in the city of Chicago. My set-up for this remote viewing was simple: a quick relaxation and a full-color and clear screen.

That evening I laid down and closed my eyes and within about three minutes the screen appeared. The screen was in full color, but of a dark nature as it pictured darkness outside. I was looking at the outside of her brick two-flat. As I stared at this scene, the image moved to the right and pictured the two-flat next door and south of her building, and then framed the second floor. The scene then dissolved and pictured an interior room of this second-floor apartment and depicted an elderly man sitting up and alone on his bed. There was no movement of the man and he was simply sitting and staring and I received a telepathic thought: the man was dying. In fact, the man was in the final phase of dying.

I wrote down the events as I had seen them and printed the material out and reported the story to Joyce. Then considering the material that I had gathered, I decided not to report the information to the woman. I went to work the following day and did not discuss the story. Another day passed and I was again at work and overheard the woman talking to another employee. She said that she would be leaving work that day to attend a wake of a neighbor who had passed away.

I immediately tuned into the story I was hearing and soon asked the woman if I could speak to her privately. Once alone, I asked her if the neighbor was an elderly man who lived on the second floor of the two-flat next door. She acknowledged that the man had lived there and was someone she had known for years.

This was a controlled and solicited clairvoyance experience (remote viewing) in full color involving one known individual who requested and approved the transmission in advance; and one unknown individual. It was a current event and transmitted in real time from a distance of about one and-a- half miles.

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