Go Back and Answer that Call

One cold December evening I was leaving my office at Westmoreland County Airport. I published a weekly entertainment guide and had offices on the second floor of a hangar there. Business had been slow this month and I was anxious to get home. At the bottom of the stairs to the out- side, I heard a voice in my head. “The phone is going to ring. Go back and answer that call.” I immediately raced back up the stairs.

As I put my key in my office door, I heard the phone begin to ring. I rushed to my desk and picked up the phone. The man calling said that he was glad that I had answered. He was going to take out a series of full page advertisements with me. He said that he was sitting in his office trying to decide between my publication and one other. “If you hadn’t answered the phone,” he said, “I would have called the other place because I really couldn’t make up my mind.”

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