Intruder at Door

During the same month and about a week later on a Friday evening from the Foiled Car Thief, I was again seated in my living room watching television alone. From my vantage point on the couch I could see directly through the dining room, the kitchen, and with a view of the back door. Something drew my attention away from the television, I looked up at the back door, and saw a 50-ish, slightly pudgy man, opening the back door and stepping into the kitchen. He looked right at me. I stood up immediately and stared at him, having had just seconds to react. But as we looked at each other, the image of the man faded and then dissolved. I ran into the dining room shouting for Joyce. I told her what I had just seen and then stepped outside onto the porch and surveyed the area. I could only see a tranquil neighborhood.

Neither Joyce nor I had heard of any home invasions, but we were both aware that these visions are often of future events that may actually take place several minutes, hours, or possibly a day or two later. Joyce became very nervous and picked up the phone to call her mother on the south side. After gaining an invitation to spend the night, we packed up a few items, wrapped Laine, and drove the 45 minutes to Elaine’s home.

Along the way I became so curious about the event that I decided that I wanted to return home. Since I could not convince Joyce to turn back, I dropped her and Laine at Elaine’s home and returned myself. I remember being nervous home alone and talking to a friend on the telephone who ad- vised me to play it safe and get out of the house for the evening. I stayed up several hours later that evening, left all of our home’s lights on, and woke the next morning with no signs of an unwelcomeentry.

Two weeks later we spoke with a neighbor, whose home sits directly behind ours and shares our alley. He told a story of being at a nearby home during daylight hours, arriving to collect cans for recycling as he normally did, and was approached, forced inside, and robbed by a man who fit the description of the man in my vision. As a part-time employee of the local police department, our neighbor said that the police had told him that they believed this same man was responsible for several home invasions and robberies in recent weeks.

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