My Future: Sideswiped Car

This is a follow-up to My Present: Black Tea Cups. The same colleague and I discussed my remote viewing of her the previous evening and decided to take the experiment one step further. The first experiment was designed to elicit details of her life in real time as a remote viewing. For part two, we decided to request details from the woman’s future. We were not specific about what type of experience to view and report, just something from the woman’s future.

The set-up for the experiment was the same. I would design the experience in my head prior to relaxing myself on the couch and closing my eyes. This time I thought about the woman and her future and requested that the relaxation part of the experience again happen quickly, that the same full- color and clear screen pop up, but that the scene being transmitted come from Joanie’s future.

I laid down on the couch and again the relaxation happened in less than three minutes and the full-color and clear screen popped up as requested. This time I saw a typical busy Chicago boulevard with parking on both sides of the street. I then noticed her fiancée’s car parked along one side of the street with no one inside. Seconds later a U-Haul brand moving van drove by and struck the side of her fiancée’s car. The van did not stop. I was witnessing a hit-and-run. I then “zoomed” to the cab of the van and viewed two men of Mexican decent wearing flannel shirts.

The following morning I showed the printed report to Joanie as I did in the first case. She read the account and commented that her fiancée’s car had not been the victim of a hit-and-run. I pointed out that the request was for a future event and that we simply had to sit back and wait for the event to happen.

Approximately a week later, Joanie came to work with news. The previous evening she had met her future husband in the city and they had parked their cars on opposite sides of the street. When they returned to their cars they discovered that his car had been the victim of a hit-and-run, struck along its side as I had reported. But as far as the details of a U-Haul brand vehicle with two Mexican men in flannel shirts, she had no idea. Several days later she reported to me that there had indeed been a witness to the event as a woman had come forward to police to report what she saw. The woman had told police that the vehicle that struck the car was a U-Haul brand vehicle with two men inside. The police then tracked down the vehicle and the couple learned that they were of Mexican decent. Were they wearing flannel shirts that day? We never foundout.

I felt this was a controlled and solicited clairvoyance experience (remote viewing) in full color involving one known individual who requested and approved the transmission in advance. It was a future event and transmitted in real time from a distance of possibly four or five miles. The personal affect was an awareness later that the event was indeed real.

This story was much more interesting than its part one counterpart because it involved events that had not yet happened. Even more interesting was the way the facts unfolded to the woman who requested them in the first place. While she was amazed that her fiancée’s car had indeed been side-swiped as a hit-and-run as told to her in advance, those facts were not stunning in a city as large as Chicago where minor accidents happened constantly. The fact that the witness’s account came several days later with two men in a U-Haul brand truck added more dimension to the event.

The facts are just too detailed to be anything other than what I am reporting. Coincidence? Well, there are many hit-and-runs involving side-swiped cars in Chicago and there is a large Mexican population here. Otherwise: It’s a satisfying and believable case of remote viewing.

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