My Present: Black Tea Cups

The set-up: After discussing anomalous events with a colleague about 1995, the two of us decided to experiment. Joanie explained that she was going out that evening. She asked that I use my real-time event transmission abilities (I’m sure we called it something else) and tell her the following morning what she had done.

The experiment: Later that evening I laid down on my living room couch with a pre-determined request. I had designed the experiment in my head with the following requests: I would lie down on the couch and close my eyes and try to relax myself. The relaxation part of the experience would take no longer than three minutes. A clear and bright screen would appear for my viewing and I would be able to see exactly where Joanie was and what she was doing and I would be able to control the viewing experience – meaning I could move the “camera” around a bit at will.

As I laid down that evening my body relaxed very quickly as I had designed and the screen popped up suddenly. I seemed to be viewing Joanie from about the same height as if I had been standing in the room near her, about 10 feet away. The screen view was as though I were using my own eyesight, with the normal peripheral vision. She was in I guessed a restaurant and seated about the center of a large room filled with round tables. She was seated at a table with other women. The group was chatting and drinking from tea cups. I then looked down at the table top and zoomed in on one of the tea cups and noted that the cup and saucers were black.

I wrote all of this and other details down, printed the description out, and carried it with me in my shirt pocket to work the following morning. I bumped into Joanie at the coffee area that morning and asked what she had actually done the previous evening. She said that she had been out with the female members of her upcoming wedding party, that they were trying on gowns, and that she had treated them to tea at a nearby restaurant.

I asked where in the room were they seated, and she replied that they were about center in the room. What shape were the tables, I asked. Round, she said. I then asked what color the tea cups and saucers were. She replied that they were black. I then reached into my shirt pocket and displayed the printed sheet with the same details on it.

I felt that this was a controlled and solicited clairvoyance experience (remote viewing) in full color involving one known individual who requested and approved the transmission in advance. It was a current event and transmitted in real time from a distance of possibly four or five miles. The personal affect was an awareness later that the event was indeed real.

Having had no advance knowledge that this woman would be out with a group of women that evening makes the event hard to believe it was coincidence. While restaurant tables are either square, rectangular or round, the details of where they were seated, what they were drinking, and the exact color of the cups and saucers makes for interesting details.

The sender in this case had given her permission for me to remove view her that evening. I’m not sure why that is significant, but the viewing experience happened rapidly and was over with in about one minute’s time. Was the event a coincidence? Women drinking tea in a restaurant? Possibly. The black cups and saucers stand out as the most significant detail that is hard to explain away.

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