Stop by the Convenience Store

On Tuesday, February 14, 1995, I was standing in my living room. I had been debating about making a purchase. The item that I wanted to buy was not very necessary and the cost was $50. At that time, spending $50 would have cut into my weekly household budget and I was not sure that I should spend the money. I talked to Joyce briefly about it, and she thought that I should put off buying it. I said that I was going to meditate for the money. I laid down on the couch for about 15 minutes, relaxing myself, and then asking if there was a way that I could have the money to make this purchase.

Then I received a thought transmission. I received instructions to get up from the couch, to go into my home office and open my gray portfolio, and to remove a scratch-off lottery ticket where I had won a free ticket. I was to take this ticket now to the 7-Eleven just south of my home and buy a particular scratch-off ticket there – where the winning ticket would have “glowing” white along its edge. I would then receive my $50. My sister, Lolly, had just come over, and I immediately asked her to come with me. I got the ticket and we drove to 7-Eleven. I went inside and looked at the available tickets to buy – and one of them had a “glow” to its white edges. It was a winning ticket for exactly $50.

I bought the item that afternoon – a crystal ball.

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