The Treadmill

In May 1994 I was considering another purchase, this time a treadmill. Joyce and I had gone out shopping one weekend and were pricing the units and had found one under $400 that we were considering. Then when we were back at home sitting in front of our big screen television, Joyce raised a question. She said that while getting the television seemed like a coincidence, shouldn’t I at least test the idea and go into a meditation and request a treadmill. I agreed and that evening went into a meditation and asked for the treadmill. I sat up now on the couch and Joyce and I looked at each other, almost expecting the telephone to ring, but it did not.

The following morning I went to my office for the book publisher I worked with and received an unusual telephone call. One of the leading manufacturers of treadmills was calling me because I had been the acquisitions editor for several years for an annual book where hundreds of products were rated, including tread mills. He explained that his company’s treadmills had been rated a best buy several years in a row and it was something they bragged about at conventions. I explained that I had just given up the project to another editor, but that I would pass the information along.

I spoke with the current editor who said the book was well into production, but that it was possible to squeeze in another review if needed. She realized that the author of the treadmill section was new this year, telephoned him, and caught the oversight. The author had forgotten to contact with one particular treadmill manufacturer. She passed the information back to me and assured me that the author would contact them that day and complete a review. I then called the manufacturer back and explained that the problem would be resolved and that his products would be fairly reviewed and if the author thought so, may still be judged a best buy. During the end of the conversation I said that I was happy to help resolve the problem, and mentioned that my wife and myself were in the market for a tread mill and that we would now be looking his products over as well. We hung up.

Five minutes later the gentleman telephoned back. He asked me for my home address and said that he wanted to place a top of the line treadmill in my home for a test period. As acquisitions editor I did not test products myself, but could have done so. I explained that now that I was no longer editor, it would be a little stretch to think I could test one of the products myself. Finally, I agreed, since I knew that we also had a writer in the field also testing the same product.

Three days later a treadmill arrived in my living room, which I enjoyed for a short period, and then donated it to a local not-for-profit. Joyce thought that the universe had listened once again.

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