Cylinders 2011: Fourth quarter case review – Witnesses describe similar silent objects in selected investigations

Selected and edited witness testimony and field investigator notes from the fourth quarter 2011 are reviewed in this fourth and final feature on cigar or cylinder-shaped objects from closed cases with a final determination of Unknown UAV.

The year-end cases begin on October 7, 2011, in Morgan County, GA, where multiple family members were driving home and noticed something odd in the night sky.

October 7, 2011 – Morgan County, GA. AN1, Category 1. Case 32471.

On October 7, my Mom and me were coming home from my sisters. When we came across Brownwood Road , I noticed something in the sky. I asked my Mom what is that? She looked and she said right away, “That is a UFO”. We pulled off the road and watched it for at least  5 to 10 minutes. It was way longer than an airplane and it had lights. I was looking at Mom when I first noticed it and I just knew it was a UFO. It was very long and green, blue and white lights were under it. It was moving very slow. I thought it was very cool. This is the first one I have seen and I believe they are here and they live among us. We just wish they would reveal themselves to us. They have not caused any problems that we are aware of.  The UFO just disappeared.

Field Investigator: There does not appear to be any celestial body that could have been misidentified according to the time and date check. The METAR data also corroborates the witness statement of no cloud cover. A check for over flights of a possible airship blimp was done through the Internet site for MetLife flight operations.  The events calendar showed that no MetLife aircraft were in the state at the time and date of this sighting.  This rules out the possibilities of a lighter than air commercial aircraft being seen.  In addition, this rural area of Morgan County has limited over flights of visible aircraft.  During the interview I did not see any aircraft pass over. It is in my opinion that both these witnesses did in fact witness something that they cannot explain.  Using all available resources I cannot definitively find any made-man object that could have been mistaken or misidentified.  However, with the described size of the object I am hopeful that there may be a radar signature found.  I contacted a local certified meteorologist to check the radar and see if anything was captured during the time of the observation.  I am awaiting his findings and will make an amendment to the case once I have a response. At this time I am concluding that this is an unknown phenomenon, described as a craft or object (UAV).

October 17, 2011 – Randolph County, NC.  CE1, Category 2. Case 33039.

Image above left – a small burn mark was left on the witness in Case 33039, discovered the day after the event. The above right image is a bruise the witness received after the event – in January 2012. The lower right image is a rash on her son that appeared after the event. He gets the same rash every year on the same date.

Went out to get dog approximately 9:45 p.m. on very clear night. Out in field next to our property above the tree line approximately two football fields away was a large, glowing, orange object with the red aura floating, then very quickly disappearing, leaving a light path. Ran quickly inside, locking my doors, very upset.

Field Investigator: 2011-12-06. I am going back and documenting this case with more information the witness has given me. A few days after I had initially talked to Witness A, she called me back to tell me the following. She ran in the house and she got her husband, Witness B, to come out to look at the orb. By the time he came out the orb was gone. The orb had been about 100 yards away from where she was standing. She said it was about the size of a car or a mini-van. (By chance a similar sighting occurred nearby within the same month. See case 31921.) She said that she felt like it was watching her and that it was there to get her. A week or two after this event had occurred she shared with me that the following morning around 2 a.m. she woke and found herself standing naked in her bedroom with her cloths in a pile next to her. She feels very uncomfortable even being undressed, even in her own house so this was exceptionally strange. She does not remember getting out of bed and much less having gotten undressed. When she got back in bed her husband asked where she had gone. She responded, “I don’t know.” The next day she complained to her husband that she had a pain on the lower part of her back. Her husband looked at her back and described a small red dot inside a bruise that was in the shape of a triangle. I have attached the image. It is not too clear in the image, but she said she felt like it was a burn from a laser because it left a small round burn mark. January 24, 2012: The second image imagejpeg952.jpg is a bruise she received on Monday, January 23, 2012. The third image is a rash on her son that appeared this week. He gets the same rash every year on the same date. This is an on-going case with many reports. I am closing this case only because there are already newer reports for Witness A and other members of her family.

October 26, 2011 – Cobb County, GA. CE1, Category 2. Case 33044.

Witness location map of the incident for Case 33044. Credit: Google Maps.

I had been taking a customary walk around my neighborhood and stopped at my driveway to try to spot a hawk that was making hawk sounds from a group of trees behind my neighbor’s house. His trees were around 80 to 100 feet high. Slowly this UFO appeared to rise up from behind the trees. My first thought was excitement that I was going to see my first UFO. Then I realized that it only appeared to rise up. It was moving in a straight line. I then thought it was a dirigible and I started looking for a gondola, windows, lettering or towing a sign. There were none and I became less excited. There were no engines, propellers, jets nor steering mechanisms. The bottom half was silver colored and the top blue of what I could see. It didn’t appear to be over 200 feet high and about 100+/- feet long and 20/30 feet in diameter. It was moving in a straight line from the south in a north/northwest direction at 30mph+/-. It disappeared out of sight and I thought no more about it for a day or two.

Field Investigator:

A. WITNESS INTERVIEW ON January 29, 2012. The witness was at the foot of his driveway at Robinson Road, trying to see a hawk in the trees behind his neighbor’s house at about 10 a.m. on October 26, 2011. The conditions were clear, sunny, and with no wind.  He noticed a silvery object moving in his direction from the southeast, from behind the trees where he was looking for the hawk.  It first appeared to be a large, round, silvery object, but as it got closer, the witness could see that it was elongated, and he was looking at the front of it.  It moved steadily from southeast  to northwest maybe 100 feet or so above the trees (which are maybe 100 feet tall).  The object crossed Robinson Road northeast of the witness; he was looking up at it at maybe a 60-degree angle.  The object could be seen as being silver or silvery white on the bottom, and dark blue on top.  There was no sound, no lights on the object, no ribbing, no surface features at all.  There were no fins, no steering mechanism, no gondola, and no markings.  The object appeared to be maybe 100 feet long and 30 feet in diameter, tapering towards both ends (“like a stretched out football”).  It continued to the northwest until it was out of sight.  I asked the witness to hold up his hands and show me how large the object was at its closest point; his hands were at least three feet apart.  The witness told me that he spoke with one of his friends about this, and his friend said he had seen a Metlife blimp in the area near the sighting date.  The witness suggested that I look online for the Metlife blimp.  Images on-line of their blimps usually show dark blue sides and white top and bottom.

B.  Additional Witnesses: None.

C.  Natural phenomena do not come into play here.  Weather conditions (from at 9:55 a.m. were as follows:  57.2 degrees F, 73 percent humidity, 10 mile visibility, wind direction/speed – calm, no precipitation, and clear conditions. 

D.  Man-Made Objects:  On January 31, 2012, I spoke with a gentleman who works in the blimp operations department at Metlife.  Metlife blimps used to have a color combination of dark blue on sides with white lettering, and white on top and bottom, with a figure of “Snoopy” at the anterior end on each side, with red tail fins.  I was told that in February of 2011, the colors were changed to red and white.  A Youtube video from July, 2011, shows one with white sides and blue lettering, with red on bottom, blue on top, with a figure of “Snoopy” at the anterior end, and red tail fins.  The gondola is quite obvious, and has one propeller on each side of the gondola.  Interestingly, a Metlife blimp was traveling from Lawrenceville, GA, to Gadston, AL, during that time, and would have passed over Marietta on the day of the sighting.  In fact, on, someone reported seeing a Metlife blimp over Marietta on October 26, 2011. However, given all of the facts of the sighting, and the characteristics of a Metlife blimp, this does not seem to be a plausible explanation for this sighting.

E.  Other Possibilities:  Spoke with Public Affairs office at Dobbins AFB who checked with the field manager and air traffic controllers.  They reported to have no records of anything in their airspace on that date and time (no hits on their radar).  Spoke with the Marietta PD (911 dispatch); no UFO sightings were reported for October 26, 2011.

F.  Witness Check:  The witness is a 71-year-old retired engineer.  He worked at Lockheed.  Retired from Lockheed and became interested in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) training, which he now teaches.  The witness seems very credible, and had only a passing interest in UFOs prior to this sighting.

III. SIGHTING EVALUATION AND CONCLUSIONS. Unknown – UAV.  The research I conducted could not satisfactorily provide an explanation for this sighting.  Although the initial impression I got was that this was a blimp, it had neither tail fins nor a gondola, nor any visible means of propulsion, and it was totally silent.  Therefore, it must be classified as an unknown.

November 3, 2011 – Horry County, SC. CE1, Category 1. Case 40688.

I was in Myrtle Beach around the 3rd of November, 2011, staying in a beach front hotel top floor. Approximately around 10 p.m. I was sitting on the balcony having a beer and listening to the ocean sounds of night when suddenly maybe 100 feet away, an amber-colored light appeared out of nowhere. It stayed on for maybe five seconds, then turn off, then back on and off sort of like a flashing effect. This lasted probably another 10 seconds, and then it shut off completely. A few seconds later another amber light appeared just to the left of the first and did the same pattern. The lights were parallel to the beach as if signaling something further south. What transfixed my mind is that I could see some detail around the lights as they flashed on and off.  It seemed to be mechanical similar to the type of lights you see in studios for photographic and filming lights, the kind that have shutters or lighting supports on all four sides. To me, at first I was thinking how could something this big appear out of nowhere and in total silence? And how did they get it up there, maybe 75 feet off the surface of the water, and how did they keep it so stationary? Not once did I think it was a UFO because it hadn’t hit me yet to realize it. And of course I didn’t think about my cell phone camera until it was gone. Actually I didn’t look into this at all until a friend told me South Carolina had many amber light sightings around that time. Maybe when I couldn’t hear anything due to the ocean? It was close enough for me to hear something. But just silence.

Field Investigator: He states he has had previous sightings similar to this one.  The sighting was of an amber-colored light about 100 feet from his location.  A few seconds later another object same as the first appeared and then disappeared.  There was no sound associated with the object.  The case is classified as unknown.

November 4, 2011 – Mahoning County, OH. CE1, Category 2. Case 33143.

I was stopped at the intersection of Route 46 and Mahoning Avenue in Austintown, Ohio, this afternoon. I was on Route 46 facing Mahoning Avenue in the left turn lane. The sun was shining and it was around 2:45 p.m. I was staring straight ahead and there was a lot of traffic.  It’s mid day rush hour and cars were everywhere. From my left an object came directly into my eyesight. What caught my eye immediately was the sheer length of the object. It seemed to be glowing, bright white and had no appendages. It was very bright there in the sky. Not necessarily reflecting the sunshine, more of a glow. It was gliding along very low and slow in the sky. The sheer size of the object was 2-3 or more of full airliners placed in front of each other. It wasn’t big in girth, just really long. I see airplanes everyday flying low. I know what they look like and this thing was long. There’s no way this could have been mistaken for a commercial airliner. I watched it glide over the gas station in the sky. Others have had to seen this. It was heading towards Ohltown/ Norquest Boulevard direction towards the interstate. I had no method to record it, no camera, which was very upsetting. I pulled into the gas station parking lot and watched it go over the treetops. Had it not been for the rush hour traffic and having to get my kids from school I would have tried harder to follow it. I had to get back home. There is a nearby bank, gas station and other stores with surveillance cameras. One of them had to have captured this object. It was glowing and big enough to see on cameras for sure. They would be the best in gathering more information. Hopefully more people come forward. There has to be others that seen it.

December 15, 2011 – Buchanan County, MO. FB1, Category 1. Case 34431.

I’m in Saint Joseph, and last night I saw a UFO around 7:40 p.m. It was very low (under 1,000 feet) off the ground, and it slowly flew overhead, heading north east-ish. From what I could see, it was cigar-shaped. It had two lights, a green one at the front and an orange one at the back. I know it wasn’t a plane, because it was travelling in the direction of the green-orange light. It probably went about 5-10 miles, then it started changing directions. First it would move left, then right, then forward, then back. And it was moving without making the turns a regular aircraft would make. Probably watched it for about 10 minutes or so (unfortunately it was too far away to get any pictures or video of).  When it was flying overhead, there was another low flying plane about 500-1,000 feet above/behind it, however, it took a different path, and both plane/UFO went in different directions.   The UFO lights I saw for some time, however, the plane went out of sight within a couple of minutes, however, the UFO lights continued to move back/forward/left/right.

Field Investigator: I believe the witness to be a credibly, trustworthy person.  He had nothing else to add to the description, except to say that he was certain of what he saw.  Note that there have been a number of cigar or blimp shaped objects across the U.S. lately.

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