Kentucky witness comes forward with 1959 UFO encounter along country road

The UFO witnesses now in their 50s and older who had an experience during a long period of 20th Century American mockery are slowly coming forward to tell their stories. A 75-year-old from Edmonton, Metcalfe County, KY, filed his report with MUFON on January 7, 2013, as Case 45069.
Aside from some light editing and punctuation updates – the story that follows is in his own words.

“Well guys, I’m going to tell you about this one, but don’t tell me I was crazy or I’m just lying after all the years I’ve kept it to myself, okay?

“Me and my family were on our way to church one Sunday evening about 7 p.m. back in 1959 or 1960. Not sure what year it was, okay, and we were on what is called Old Randolph and Edmonton Road, which is probably 10 miles south of the main highway, just an old blacktop country road.
“Okay, this little country church set on this country road and we had to go over what is called the Roger Glass Hill. It’s a blacktop about halfway between Edmonton and Randolph Road, okay. He was the judge at that time in Edmonton, KY, but the road just before you get to this steep hill is a sharp curve and just as you clear out of the curve you’re on your way over this pretty steep hill. And if you’re going too fast with all of those little pea-sized gravels that works out of the blacktop on country roads, and you’ll skid on them.

“If you hit your brakes too hard, as you are ending and out of the curve, it sort of startles you because then you’re headed over this steep hill then and you have a tendency to hit your brakes and skid on those little gravels and you’ll slide off the sides of the road if you’re not careful.
“But I knew this old country road very well. Been down it several times and as we approached the hill back a distance before we got to the hill, you could see a bright glow glaring upwards.
“But from what? We don’t have any idea.

“My mother-in-law told me, you better slow up, there’s something wrong up ahead there.
“See the glow of lights looks like at about the old Roger Glass Hill, so I slowed up to about 35 mph, which is okay there if you know the road. As we got closer, the light I could tell it was glaring up from that steep hill.

“Well guys, you’re not going that fast at 35 mph, but when you are startled by something it’s not slow either. If you just hit that brake pedal, when we went over this hill, I could see it was emitting an ungodly amount of light from it. In fact, it was glowing a very, very bright, odd looking, white light. And when I slammed on my brakes, of course my 1951 Mercury Monterey just slid on all of those little pea-sized gravels, and I thought we were going to skid into this thing and I just threw my arms up in front of my face and eyes to protect my face from flying glass, but I got stopped just in time.

“And they were all screaming – stop, stop, stop.

“And I had the brakes on, but it just skidded on the gravel and my car slid I guess within 30 feet of this thing, setting right smack dab in the middle of the road. No way could I have ever gotten around this thing. It was hanging over the side of the road on both sides and it had bright lights flashing off and on in different colors, but it was sort of glowing underneath too.

“So they were crying and yelling at me to get back away from this thing. But when you’re startled so badly you just can’t get anything right. But I kept telling them, quit screaming and yelling. I’m going to back up the hill hoping all the time another car wouldn’t come flying over the thing and hit me from the back and kill everyone in my car. So I finally got the damn car started and went to backing up to the top of this hill and when we got there I stopped and was trying to get my senses and figure out just what the hell this damn thing was.

“And as we were staring at it, the damn thing started glowing really bright and sort of raised off the roadway where it was setting at and then guys, that’s when I knew this thing wasn’t from this earth.
“The thing just started gradually lifting off the ground. And then it got probably 15 or 20 feet up. I’m telling you guys this damn thing looked like a damn bullet streaking away from there.
“And like I say, it literally just vanished before our eyes. People, I have never in my lifetime ever seen anything equal to it, not before then and never since then either. It was probably in the dark and scared to death too of this thing.

“Looked like it was 30 or 40 or maybe even 50 feet in diameter. It could have been bigger than that, but it nearly scared everyone to death and it just vanished and us setting there looking at it as it disappeared into the night sky.

“And that’s the last time I went that road after dark too.

“Never again did I go that way. I’m 75 years old now guys and I’ve never told no one about it because if you had told anyone about something like that back when, they would have put you in jail or had a warrant taken out for lunacy saying you were crazy as hell.

“But guys, you can believe me or you cannot believe me. I can care less, but I know what I saw. It wasn’t just some kind of gas or mistaking a flashlight for this light. I know what I saw with my own two eyes.

“What it was I have no idea. But take my word for it. Since then I’ve worked on huge aircrafts in Venice, CA. I’ve worked at Transco Electronics in California.

“I’ve worked on all kinds of jets and choppers and take my damn word for it. It wasn’t any type of airplane and man on this planet doesn’t have enough brains to build an airplane that could go one-third the speed, or to make it plain, a fraction of that speed it took off at.

“If someone says, or tells you there’s no such thing – you tell them – I’ll tell them – they are a damn liar. I saw one. I know they are real people. Don’t you ever let anyone make you believe different either.

“They live out there somewhere, and hey, the strangest thing – this damn thing didn’t make any sounds or noise or anything you could hear. Nothing from its motor at all – no sounds.

“Thanks guys. I wish they weren’t all dead now. I would have all seven of them to tell you just what I tell you here in this email. But sadly, me and my wife at that time have since divorced and she passed away. And the other six have all since passed too. But you can take my word for it, none the less, this did happen people.

“I would gain nothing by lying to you. I want nothing from you. But just make people here know they are real. Where they come from is beyond me.”

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