MUFON CMS: Triangle UFO Traffic Report

Triangle cases continue into 20112 with a slight uptick in reports that began about December 24, 2011, as we crossed into the New Year.

Following are selected new and as yet uninvestigated cases from CMS.

Triangle UFO follows Connecticut vehicle along rural Route 49 near Voluntown

DECEMBER 24, 2011 – Case 34656. A Connecticut witness traveling north on Route 49 through Voluntown and Sterling reports watching a blinking light that appeared to be moving low and fast, moved over the vehicle and followed it while shining a flood light down into the vehicle.

The witness was heading home from a family function on a clear night and driving through a rural farming area when the incident occurred.

“As I was driving I noticed what appeared to be an aircraft marker light that was blinking brilliant blue/white similar to a halogen light,” the witness stated. “It appeared to be flying low and fast. The light came out of the east just above the horizon and was moving west. It became brighter and changed to more like a flashing flood light when it got overhead. I looked west when it got overhead to see what it was. It did not continue west, but instead followed me overhead and was now lighting up the road around me.”

The witness reports the light being intense as the object kept pace with the vehicle.

“The flashing light was now so intense that it lit up the interior of my car as I had the roof window canopy opened with the glass closed. I slowed down. It kept pace with my car, extremely bright and flashing .”

The witness pulled over just long enough to open the sunroof.

“I immediately noticed that there was no noise. The light was blinding when I looked up at it. It was hovering overhead. “

The witness panicked.

“I closed the roof window and canopy. I locked my doors and drove off as fast as I could. I was in flight mode, in a cold sweat and focused on getting out of there. The flashing light kept pace overhead briefly. It then changed from a flood type light back to the initial blinking light that I had first noticed as it abruptly left me by turning quickly back to the east.”

The witness reviews the object’s movements.

“This light came out of the east traveling west and perpendicular to Route 49. When it got overhead it followed me north. When it left me it returned to the east. I have no knowledge of aircraft that are able to make what appeared to me to be 90-degree turns or that can slow so fast and then hover silently. The light was silent and changed to more of a flashing flood light while overhead. I did not see any features of a craft during the whole incident which lasted only a couple of minutes.”

The witness reports that there were no other vehicles on the roadway at that time.

Utah UFOs appear as ‘small orange triangles’ near Highland


DECEMBER 24, 2011, Case 34335A Utah couple near Highland report watching and photographing “small orange triangles and large, bright, white oval objects” in the sky, according to recent testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The couple spotted the objects and stopped their car to observe better.

“We both got out of the car and observed three, orange objects that at first looked like an orb, but as they flew closer to us, that were shaped like a small triangle, no larger than five feet in diameter,” the reporting witness stated.

The objects appeared to be coming from the north and moving south at different altitudes ranging from 100 to 500 feet off of the ground. Then they saw more objects approaching.

“As we turned to get back in the car we saw two very bright lights, in a South-South East direction. They were further off, more than a mile.”

The couple then drove to a nearby park for a better view.

“When we got out of the car there we took a few more pictures of them. They were both stationary for more than two minutes, then one began to move around, then moved away from the stationary one toward the north. They were oval and a very bright, white light.” 

They then drove to their own neighborhood which is at a higher elevation.

“We went to our neighbor’s home and told them about it. They wanted to see them, so both of our families got in our cars and drove over to the neighboring golf course to see them. They were still there.”

The witness summarized the events.

“In all we saw four bright, white objects, moving around a stationary object that was on the top of the mountain on the other side of the valley. We observed them for over 15 minutes, taking a two-minute video as well. During that time we could see airplanes coming into the SLC airport, and these lights were much brighter than them, larger, and made no noise. Within five minutes after leaving the gold course we heard two helicopters fly by; very unusual at night here, especially Christmas Eve night.”

The witness followed-up on the observation.

“I went back tonight to confirm that the stationary light is in fact something on the top of the mountain over Saratoga Springs, though we do not know why the objects were flying around it. The still picture taken in Highland gives a very clear observation of their shape. And the video shows their movement, the extreme brightness when they would first appear, and the random flashes, as well as the methodical less bright flashing.”

The video can be seen on this page or downloaded directly from MUFON. The MUFON report was filed on December 27, 2011. The events occurred on December 24, 2011. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Highland is in Utah County, UT, population 15,523, and is about 30 miles from Salt Lake City. In addition to the photo on this page, the witness also provided a map of the area.

Silent triangle UFO shines spotlight on California witness

DECEMBER 28, 2011, Case 34367 – A California witness pulled over to get a better look at a silent, triangle-shaped object that was circling a farming area and shining a spotlight to the ground on December 28, 2011.

While the town is not named in the public portion of the report, the witness reports driving “from the 67 to San Vincente Road at 10:30 p.m. and noticed the lights at the 67 and Dye Road intersection.

The witness noticed that the object appeared to be circling and described it.

“Object was triangular with one red and one green light in the rear and one white light/spotlight in the front,” the witness stated. “It circled over a farming area multiple times while I was driving through the area. The object was completely silent and after I stopped my car to watch it further, as it passed above me, it shone its spotlight at my car.”

The witness became frightened and called a friend.

“I was frightened after the light shone into my car and drove away while on the phone. I looked in my rearview mirrors, but could no longer see the object.”

The witness included a map of the area where the sighting occurred, an illustration of the object before the spotlight went on, and a second illustration of the object with the spotlight

Pennsylvania witness wonders if low flying UFO was government built

JANUARY 3, 2012, Case 34591A Pennsylvania witness driving south on Route 232 between Southampton and Rockledge reports being unable to identify a triangle-shaped object moving about 1,500 feet overhead with a low engine noise at about 50 mph on January 3, 2011, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness first observed a bright, white light in the southwest sky that appeared to be brighter than a star or satellite. But as the witness crossed over Philmont Avenue, the object moved closer.

“Within 45 seconds I noticed five bright, white lights in a straight line just above the tree line and approaching me.”

The witness pulled over for a better look.

“I observed these bright lights as it flew directly over me. It was a clear night and what I saw was a triangular-shaped craft with a red and green light in the front center of the craft. Also were two sets of bright, white lights on what appeared to be its wings. It was about 500 yards directly above me. It sounded like a low engine noise and was flying at about 50 mph.”

The witness wonders if the object was possibly a government plane.

“However, I have lived within three miles of Willow Grove Air base for 36 years and never seen anything like that nor was this a normal flight path for aircraft. I’m not sure what it was, but I was excited to see it. I tried to get a picture of it with my phone, but I was to fixated on the object. I eventually lost sight of it as it passed over the tree line.”

Maryland couple report silent, low flying triangle

JANUARY 4, 2012, Case 34585A Maryland couple outside watching a meteor shower on January 4, 2012, report watching a silent, low-flying, triangle UFO with five dim, orange lights move overhead that was visible for 20 seconds, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

“This craft made absolutely no sound,” the reporting witness stated. “It was dead quiet outside and we heard nothing as this craft went by. We observed the craft for about 20 seconds as it traveled southeast until it was out of sight. Both of our reactions were we felt like it was not something of human origin. I was in almost total shock when we came back in the house, shocked that I saw something like this so close.”

Low flying triangle UFO over Georgia reported with no lights

JANUARY 4, 2012, Case 34586 – A Georgia couple outside at 2:30 a.m. on January 4, 2012, waiting for a meteor shower to begin, report watching a low-flying and silent triangle-shaped object move overhead with no lights, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Like other triangle reports, this case happened quickly and left the witnesses wondering.

“There were three white, round shapes at each point of the triangle,” the reporting witness stated. “It moved extremely fast. When we first saw it coming toward us we thought it may have been a meteor, or maybe a flock of birds until it was directly over our heads. The object flew in a straight line. When we realized it was not birds or a meteor, we were stunned. It left us scratching our heads as to what we had just witnessed. We lost sight of the object as it flew south past the tall trees.”

Also on January 4, 2012, two Georgia siblings were driving along a highway when they noticed something odd in the sky in Case 34597.

“It was beautiful and flashed a white light, pulsated for a quick second, slowly hovered to my right and then disappeared,” the reporting witness stated. “It was my first sighting, and even though it was not that crazy of one, it left me in awe.”

Pennsylvania triangle UFO: Witness oddly not cold in 15 degrees

JANUARY 4, 2012, Case 34605A Pennsylvania witness reports watching a triangle-shaped object with a “low airplane sound” that dropped to within 10 feet of a neighbor’s rooftop at 4:39 a.m. on January 4, 2012, and quickly disappeared from view, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness oddly reports that while the outside temperature was 15 degrees, it felt strangely warm during the sighting despite having no hat or gloves on.

The witness originally stepped outside in search of a neighbor who he had planned an early morning hunting trip with. The witness realized the low temperature, but felt warm – and then the object was first noticed.

“I noticed lights appearing from up the street approaching from behind the houses on my side of the street,” the witness stated. “As the lights were getting closer, I noticed the craft was descending. At the first instant, I thought it was a plane, but I realized I didn’t hear any noise – so I figured the engines did not work and it was about to crash. But as soon as it got directly across the street from my house, I heard a low airplane sound normally like you’ll hear when they’re real high. But this thing was just above roof about 10 feet.”

The witness described the craft.

“There was a white light in front like it would have been landing gear lights or something. Then it was two white wing lights – one on each side. I didn’t really focus on the look of the object because, like I said, I thought it was a plane about to crash.”

The witness thought the object was going to crash and walked out into the street and moved toward the object – but at the top of the street he realized the object was gone. But the witness was somewhat disoriented.

“Now I was standing in the middle of Lancaster Avenue. That’s a busy street and when I walked in the street I was so fixated on trying to relocate the object I didn’t even look for cars coming. I just walked in the street looking up and around. Now the strangest thing was that I stayed outside on the steps so I could tell my friend what I saw and I was outside until 5:30 a.m. Now I was outside in 15 degree weather with no hat or gloves on and I was not cold. I get cold very easily and I was out there for an hour and it didn’t bother me.”

The witness speculates.

“There’s no reason for military flights to be flying over my neighborhood. And also it was traveling so slow that if it was a plane with no engine running, it would have dropped out the sky like a rock. The person I was going hunting with was awake and he didn’t hear anything – so if it was a plane or helicopter, he would have heard it.”

Two triangle UFOs cross low over Connecticut’s Route 85

JANUARY 5, 2012, Case 34640 – A Connecticut witness traveling eastbound along Route 85 at 8:10 p.m. on January 5, 2012, reports watching two silent, triangle-shaped objects just 100 feet over the tree tops cross over the roadway.

“I saw a three-light, tipped triangle cross the road over the tree tops,” the witness stated. “I was on the phone with my mother at the time, and stated that I saw some weird lights. It was enormous, easily larger than a commercial, large passenger air craft if it was within 100 feet of the tree tops.”

The witness described the object.

“There were no visible lights other than the three bright, white exterior lights on each of the three tips of the triangle. You could not see through the object and the sky was clear.”

Just a few seconds later, a second, identical craft moved over the roadway.

“If I was eastbound on 85, both passed me going left to right. At the time I saw the second light, I was literally so blown away I was yelling into the phone. I got off the phone and by the time I got to my home, with wide open sky, I could see nothing. As stated before, the triangles both were enormous and identical, no blinking lights, no sound. As I saw the second triangle, I rolled down my window. If it were commercial aircraft, it would have been so close and so low there would have to have been audible noise. It was completely silent outside, save the noise of my vehicle on the road.”

Video: Light from triangle UFO awakens Georgia witness

JANARY 5, 2012; Case 34658 – A Georgia witness noticed a bright light coming through the bedroom blinds and reports watching and then videotaping a silent, triangle-shaped object with bright lights at the three corners and a red light underneath as it moved along a nearby tree line.

The witness opened the window blinds when the lights were seen.

“I opened them to see what was so bright, and then I saw three bright, white lights forming a perfect triangle with a dull red, pulsating light in the center of the object,” the witness stated. “I got very excited, and had the mind set to grab my camera, which has a video recorder, opened my back door and started shooting the video.”

The witness described the object and its movement.

Video: Disc UFO caught on camera over Illinois

JANUARY 5, 2012; Case 34655 – An Illinois witness videotaping the sky on January 5, 2012, reports also photographing a disc or oval-shaped object.

“I was filming a heavy spraying of ‘chemtrails’ starting earlier 8ish yesterday, when all of the sudden I spotted a disk or oval-shaped craft flying alongside one of the ‘chemtrails’”, the witness stated. “As I try to zoom in, the auto focus of my camera made me lose track of the object.”

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