Part Four: Triangles 2011 – Fourth quarter cases reviewed

The following are selected triangle cases that were investigated by MUFON during the fourth quarter 2011. All cases were closed as Unknown UAV. Field Investigator notes follow the edited witness testimony. The object in each of these nine cases was under 100 feet.

October 3, 2011 – Jackson County, MO. CE1, Category 2. Case 32621.

“We were driving back to Lees Summit via 291 Hwy South.  My wife was driving the U-haul 14-foot truck and I was on the passenger side.  Somewhere on 291 Hwy just past Woods Chapel (around 8 p.m.-ish), I saw through the front left corner of the windshield what I thought were lights on top of a building.  As I realized there were no buildings there I then thought it was a billboard with a series of lights on it as the lights were just hovering there motionless. (It was a pretty dark and on-coming traffic headlights made it hard to see eye level detail).  These lights I would say were around 100 feet off the ground and they looked like a Christmas tree lit up (with white/amber lights) lying on its side with the ‘tip’ of the tree pointing in the south direction.  As soon as I realized something was odd about the lights I quickly pointed them out to my wife.  As we got closer to the lights another object caught my attention. It was hovering at the same level as the first set of lights and about 100 feet south of it. This second object, I thought was a helicopter and got the impression that it was checking out the first object (either police or news crew helicopter). It too was odd looking as it had red and blue (and green?) blinking lights in an angular pattern outlining it and I don’t think it was a helicopter as it was a dark object hovering motionless with no tilt or wobble you see on a helicopter trying to hover in one spot. At the same time I was trying to start up the camera on my phone.  Although I managed to video a little just as we passed it, the movement and low lighting made it impossible to distinguish anything. Regretting not having my regular digital camera with me, my senses were at a heightened state after seeing such odd objects in an odd setting (odd objects hovering in plain sight next to a highway with heavy traffic). We continued on south on 291 Hwy. After a couple of minutes, the first object, being brightly lit against a dark sky, again caught my attention.  This time it was out my passenger side window, the rapid motion and lights from it got my attention as it flew fluidly (at about the same altitude) from a north to south direction. I watched it for a second or two and it separated into three separate objects; one set of lights continued to fly forward while two other sets of lights immediately turned on a dime and went the opposite direction (north). The one set of lights closest to me tilted slightly to the west as it made the turn allowing me to see the underside. It had three lights forming a triangle. None of these three objects had blinking lights at any time, only the constant white amber lights.”

Field Investigator: “The witness is very sincere.  He has had several sighting lately and has produced video and photos.  This sighting was on the night of the 3rd when no planes were scheduled out of the Lees Summit Airport.  The two objects he and his wife saw were completely different.  The first object is the one that I am more concerned with as the second one seems to have more conventional features.”

October 17, 2011 – Polk County, IA. CE1, Category 2. Case 32682.

“Looked like an airplane because of red blinking lights, but suddenly stopped and hovered and red lights turned off and it came back from the way it was going,” the witness stated. “Kept moving slowly at this point until I could no longer see it because of the trees. Once the red lights went away, a green light appeared on one point of the triangular object. The rest of the lights were yellow-clear. Also had very small lights on the bottom of the object that sort of outlined the triangular shape.

Field Investigator: “At 7:12 p.m. on Monday night, October 17, 2011, as the witness approached Exit 79 on Highway 65N, witness saw a dark-surfaced triangle with many lights, estimated at 50-60 feet to the right (east) at tree top level (witness estimates 50 feet altitude, and a size of some 30 feet).  Object moved away (east) from witness briefly, then stopped to hover briefly, then moved back toward witness, moving silently over witnesses’ car at 90 degrees, and continuing on to witnesses’ left (west) beyond some trees, and out of sight. Witness estimates a distance of 50-60 feet to her right, at treetop level when first seen.  Using 50 feet altitude as it passed overhead at 90 degrees, yields a possible size of some 32 feet, which roughly agrees with witnesses’ perception of the size of the triangle.”

October 18, 2011 – Arapahoe County, CO. CE1, Category 2. Case 32709.

“I came out to give mail to my cousin-in-law,” the witness stated. “He was showing me pictures of his new baby. We were standing on my front porch. He said something about a falling star. I looked up and saw nothing. A few seconds passed and I heard the neighbor dogs whine like nothing I’ve ever heard. I took a step forward and looked up again and suddenly a black triangle was right above us. No lights; nothing but a black object. I repeatedly asked if he could see it. He said ‘no.’ It moved slightly bearing southeast and it passed between two trees. I then saw the side – three orange colored lights. Then it changed angles and I was able to see two sides with three lights each. It made no noise as it faded into the horizon at great speed. I immediately thought a government drone or military craft. I live close to an Air Force base and have never seen anything like it. I have personally witnessed three drones and this was nothing like it. There were no lights on the bottom at all. There was a strange haze around the ship like a magnetic field around it. I’ve never had this kind of feeling. I’ve always been able to find a reasonable explanation. Not this time. 

Field Investigator: “Although there are many gaps in the information for this case, the amount of detail in the description seems to discount the possibility that the stimulus could have been any conventional aircraft, satellite or astronomical event.  Another case reported for the same date seems to corroborate this sighting as both reports describe a dark, triangular-shaped craft with indistinct edges at low altitude silently passing overhead.  Both reports contain strikingly different details, but none that can’t be explained by progressive, or alternative functioning at the varied times of sighting.  The Investigator contacted Offutt AFB, NB and Whiteman AFB, MO and found that neither had any B-2 or other ‘stealth’ aircraft in the area during the month of October 2011. No indication of deception or collaboration on the part of the witnesses of the two reports could be found. Taking the evidence available, it seems that, lacking any further evidence in either case, the only disposition that can be given to this case is Unknown Aerial Vehicle.”

October 24, 2011 – Summit County, OH. CE1, Category 2. Case 32919.

“On this particular night I was outside smoking,” the reporting witness stated. “My girlfriend was in our apartment and I called her on her cell to tell her to check out these bright, red pulsating lights. I felt like someone was listening to our phone call. Very creepy. She came outside and that thing disappeared. We were talking and next thing we know, she tells me to look up, and we see this triangle object, steel gray looking, no lights or sound, is hovering and headed towards us. It hovered over our heads. We ran inside because we were scared to death. I have a very uneasy feeling about it and I’m scared. We told a few people, but they think we’re crazy. It was too close and I feel like something isn’t right.”

Field Investigator: “Based on the narrative it seems to be an unknown object.  There are many sightings that fit this description and so far we have not been able to determine what it is.”

November 7, 2011 – Allegheny County, PA. CE1, Category 2. Case 33962.

“I was driving down East Willock Road and noticed a bright light in the sky,” the witness stated. “As I kept on driving down that road, which leads to Street Run Road, I noticed this thing was not moving at all. It took me 4 to 5 minutes to get to the actual spot that it was hovering on at Dalwar Road. As I got under it I noticed it was silent and huge with three lights that were like a yellowish white color. It looked to be like a boomerang/triangle shape to it as I was under it. It moved so slow I didn’t take my eyes off it at all. That’s when I only saw the left side of its shape. It was a dark object – huge. It was a very clear night. It moved so slow, then it disappeared, and there were no clouds where I was at this time. I also was the only car on that road at the time, which was weird. It’s a busy street. It was 9:20 p.m. on November 7, 2011.”

Field Investigator: “Object size at 100 – 200 feet – took entire hand width with arm fully extended to cover.  Silent, hovering, black, triangle or boomerang shape, three lights toward the midline of the craft, steady, no color changes. Visualized for 4 -5 minutes, suddenly vanished. No additional witness. No physical effects on observer or to the car or cell phone.”

November 8, 2011 – Anne Arundel County, MD. CE1, Category 2. Case 33217.

“Looking at field across from the house on Governors Bridge Road where normal flight path is for BWI flights,” the witness stated. “It is a very clear night no cloud cover. We noticed a large craft flying low that changed directions and tilted to fly towards where we were standing in front of the yard on the other side of the road. We questioned why it was so bright and low. We also heard nothing that sounded like jets or planes. As the craft reached towards the road, we noticed three distinct white lights on each corner and a flashing red light on top of the craft and the craft was approximately 5,000 feet up, which is not normal for planes that large to fly in this residential/rural area. It then flew over us silently, tilted once again to make a faint turn, and realized it was an isosceles triangle. It slowly flew past and above us down Governors Bridge Road towards Route 50. It was so clear and unbelievable that we witnessed this craft. I ran inside quickly to get my phone to take pictures, but it had flown off and didn’t return. Date: November 8, 2011. Time: 8:30 p.m. Duration: 2 minutes. Sighting City: Davidsonville. Sighting Zip: 21035. Sighting County: Anne Arundel. Witnesses: 2. Shape: Triangle. Number of Craft: 1.

November 29, 2011 – Sacramento County, CA. CE1, Category 2. Case 33721.

“At approximately 9:17 p.m. I was traveling northbound on I-5 approaching Del Paso exit and I saw a craft shoot up from the ground and steadily rise up with a bright blue light, a shade of blue which I can’t describe,” the witness stated. “It looked to be circular, but as it rose its lights made it look stealth bomber in shape.  As it rose the lights changed to a green color, then to a purplish pink. It then darted diagonal in multi directions and then went downward only to rise again. As the object entered my rear view mirror, the colored lights were now a pale blue and it was hovering, but making a small circle. It then dropped again and then I was out of view. This object was flying in/over a field and no other lights were present in the field.”

Field Investigator: “Though she couldn’t clearly see the object shape itself because of the blinding lights, she could clearly see lights which were in a delta shape, and changing colors.  The witness doesn’t believe that the object was a remote controlled plane or drone because some of the side to side movements she doesn’t believe could be done with conventional aircraft.  The object approached within 15 to 20 feet of her car. The witness seemed very straightforward and her story matched previous versions, making her credible in my mind.”

December 6, 2011 – Lewis County, WV. CE1, Category 2. Case 33856.

“My mother and I were coming back from my girlfriend’s house,” the reporting witness stated. We came driving up a hill and I noticed a light above the car that drew my attention. I looked up and I saw a dark object maybe 20-30 feet in size and within 50-75 feet above the car. It was in the shape of an oval and had lights coming from the bottom which shined the normal color, but the object itself was a grayish blue color with a definite shape and did not have wings of any sort. It seemed to hover for a split second, and then shot directly over the car. And when I looked out the back window as we passed, it was gone.”

Field Investigator: “Both witnesses agreed on the discription of the object, grayish in color with a blueish aura surrounding it, approximately 30 feet in length and 20 feet across at the widest point.  Witness A also noticed seven white lights on the underside of it.  He said it was roughly triangular in shape with rounded corners, roughly the shape of a guitar pick.  The craft had three white lights running down the sides of it, with a seventh approximately centered in it.  The witnesses stated that the craft seemed to appear in front and above their car while driving down a country road.  Witness B briefly but clearly saw the craft as there was another car approaching theirs.  Witness A continued to watch it untill the roof of the car blocked his vision.  He stated that it was approximately 50 to 75 feet above the ground at that time.  Upon looking out the back window, he stated that it seemed to have disappeared.  He didn’t know whether it went straight up or sped off, or simply disappeared.  Witness B was driving and stated that the cars lights and engine didn’t react to the proximity of the object.  However, the next day, all of the warning lights on the dash suddenly came on and stayed on untill she shut the engine off.  Upon restarting, it behaved normally.  She had just purchased it and didn’t know whether that was a normal occurrence for it or not.  Both witnesses stated that the craft made no sound whatsoever.  In fact ,they said that there was almost an unnormal quietness in the air at that time.  Witness B also stated that at approximately 4:30 a.m. the next morning she was awakened with a severe headache.  She said that she had never experienced one of that type or severity before, and she considered going to the hospital, but it eventually went away.  Witness A also suffered a headache of the same kind upon waking at 8:30 that morning.  They stated that they haven’t suffered any more since that morning.  I checked the vehicle for any signs of exposure to any electro-magnetic radiation, but found none.  Both witnesses seemed honest and straight forward in their report and we felt there was no reason not to believe them.”

December 17, 2011 – Prince George County, VA. CE1, Category 2. Case 34196.

“On December 17, 2011, at approximately 6:05 a.m., I was warming up my vehicle getting ready to babysit for a friend,” the witness stated. “As I was in reverse pulling out of my driveway I noticed a light. I looked out of the passenger side window and did not notice a vehicle headed in my direction. I immediately noticed to my right, and as I continued to pull out, right ahead of me approximately 100 feet just above the tree line was a triangle-shaped UFO.  The UFO appeared to have been coming from the right as I first saw it and changed its direction to the left flying straight ahead from where I sat in my vehicle.  At first, before it changed its direction, I only noticed a bright white light. After the direction changed I could see the entire bottom, which had one bright, white light on the front and two in the back and one red flashing light in the middle of the two white lights in the back.  I heard no sound emitting from this aircraft and only noticed it because of the light. It did not appear to be at a fast pace.  I did not notice it speed up or slow down. It continued on its path in the same pace. I then turned on a road heading in the same direction and tried to keep a visual with it on my left but lost sight of it.  In my mind I tried to debate it. I see planes in this area all of the time, but they fly at a much higher altitude and I could still hear them.  This craft was very low, just above the tree line, with no sound and a flashing red light. This lasted about two minutes.”

Field Investigator:  “The sole witness was a former Military Police Officer and as such has been trained to observe details. In her 9 years of service in the military she has been exposed to different military aircraft and readily admits that she had never seen anything like what she witnessed the morning of December 17, 2011. She states that she is unfamiliar with the subject of UFOs. Her reaction to the event was not one of being scared, but curious to find a realistic answer to what she was witnessing. Because of her background the information she provides is most valuable. Here is the information she provided the investigator. The morning was clear and at the time of the event there were twilight light conditions. ‘The craft’ she saw was in the shape of a triangle with equal sides. The edges were clear and well defined. There was not anything like an exhaust emanating from the craft or any noise related to the event. The bottom of the object appeared solid. She describes the altitude as 100 feet above the trees surrounding her. She added that the trees are no more than 20 feet high. She describes a white light on each corner of the triangle which appeared to be of equal intensity. There was a blinking red light between the two lights in the tail of the object. The witness saw the object turn and change directions. The object appeared to change direction by rotating on its axis. It did not dip towards the new direction.  She estimates the speed of the object as 15 to 20 mph. She was not aware of any other witnesses to the event. She did share her experience with her co workers and family. ‘They laughed as I knew they would.’ Because of the light conditions we have a very good description of the triangular object. Although appearing solid, and we can conclude ‘heavier than air’ its propulsion is soundless and the way it turns and its speed indicate that it does not rely on aerodynamics for lift. The object showed a steady course and did not wobble thus eliminating the possibility of a balloon or other lighter than air object. The triangular shape can be mistaken for a modern fighter aircraft. The closest Air Force Base to the location is Langley Air Force Base about 70 miles to the southeast. Langley is home base for the new F-22 Raptor fighter. The Raptor relies on two powerful and noisy jet engines and is unable to travel at 15 -20 mph unless on the ground taxiing. Conclusion: Unidentified Object.”

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