Triangles 2011: Selected witness testimony continues with third quarter encounters

The following are selected triangle cases that were investigated by MUFON during the third quarter 2011. All cases were closed as Unknown UAV. Field Investigator notes – if available – follow the edited witness testimony.


July 3, 2011 – Orange County, CA. CE1, Category 2. Case 30861.

“While we were fishing at a local private lake my husband noticed an odd dimly lit triangle-shaped object coming our direction traveling in a southwest direction,” the reporting witness stated. “He turned to me and told me to look at it to make sure he was really seeing what we both believed to be a UFO. It was traveling at a steady pace at about 70-80 miles per hour at about one-quarter to one-half mile up. It was very clearly a triangle shape and had very defined points to it. We were both very baffled as to how something that shape could be flying in the night sky. The sky was free from clouds and it was very clear out. As it passed by it blocked the view of the stars, so we knew we were looking at a solid object. It was a very surreal feeling to be looking at this object. It kind of scared me a bit as well. Being a very logical person I was going through things it might be in my head as I was analyzing it as it flew over. There was nothing that I could logically say it resembled that I have ever seen and I have seen many TV programs about military aircrafts and prototypes and this looked nothing like anything I have ever seen in my life. I would say the size would be in proportion with a 747 jet. It had three very dim, square lights at each triangle point. The lights were a white glow similar to a florescent bulb and they were casting a glow in between each light showing the triangle shape. As it flew over we noticed that there was no sound whatsoever and as it passed us we could see the back of it as it glided over us. It was flying perfectly in a straight line and parallel to the sky. It never pivoted or veered off course. After it passed by we got a very good view of the back of the craft. It was a flat dark surface about 15 to 20 feet high. We continued to watch it until it was out of sight. I have to say that was a very eerie feeling and I will never forget what I saw that night.”

Field Investigator: “The witnesses were very observant and did a good job in providing a lot of evidence for this report.  This report fits the description of a typical Triangular craft seen by many witness before so I would say that it is an unknown flying craft since it could be extraterrestrial or one of ours.”

July 20, 2011 – Sacramento County, CA. FB1, Category 1. Case 30277.

“I was letting my dogs out on the porch when I noticed an extremely large, white, oddly-shaped aircraft above the trees across the street,” the witness stated. “The blinking lights first caught my attention. I immediately thought it was a UFO. It was flying from the north to south at a steady pace. I called for everyone inside to hurry outside to see what they thought it was. We lost sight of it when it appeared to make a left hand turn and started descending. It was an extra large, white, silent aircraft with huge triangular vertical wings on top with intermittent flashing blue lights and red lights on bottom.”

Field Investigator: “Although the witness is a 12-year-old child, he was very intelligent and clear in his responses to my questions.  I could not sense any fabrication or fantasy. His answers were clear and direct. When I asked him if he had ever seen anything like this object, he said no, and that it wasn’t any kind of aircraft that he’d ever seen before. He specifically described the object as being some kind of ship.  Given the information presented by the witness, I am classifying this case and an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.”

August 5, 2011 – Montgomery County, PA. CE1, Category 2. Case 30686.

“1) Driving on 422 east between Trooper and the Oaks Exits (directly across from the Christian Academy but on the Valley Forge side of the road.) 2) Unusual, never before spotted in that area. 3) From far away it looked like a radio tower, but there were three white lights and no red flashing light. 4) Twenty feet off ground, object did not move while I was watching. There were three white lights (not blinding, however, I could not see above the side of the UFO). 5) Called my friend who was following me to make sure she saw it too. She did and we both were in complete shock. She first thought it was a fighter jet, however, when we got closer there were no markings, no color, no amo and it did not move. 6) Continued to drive on 422.”

Field investigator: “Through several other independent sources we were able to collaborate the witnesses’ sighting.  We were able to triangulate the object and it was Unknown.”

August 5, 2011 – Chesterfield County, VA. CE1, Category 2. Case 30699.

“Was out on back deck on a smoke break,” the witness stated. “Was coming inside and caught a view of red lights in the shape of a triangle. Thought – how is that plane flying like that? More like floating or moving slowly, while keeping triangular shape. Seemed to turn slightly, slowly, changing shape. Then returning to triangle shape. Seemed to descend a little, noticeable cloudy substance appeared underneath which cast a shadow of what seemed to be a mass. Thought – what new stuff is the Air Force testing these days? Cool. Then it seemed to ascend a little and move behind the tree line towards the soccer fields.”

Field Investigator: “Salient feature of her observations was the fact that the object appeared to change shape as it turned. When questioned about the turn, she states that the object appeared to bank in the direction of the turn rather than turn on its axis. Most remarkable was the appearance of what she described as a cloudy substance that appeared under the object. She stated that it was not smoke, but it reflected from the object making it evident that it had mass. She offered that she did not know what plasma would look like, but it had that appearance. The witness appears truthful and bewildered by the experience. She tried to seek a logical explanation for what she was witnessing, e.g. airplane, helicopter, experimental aircraft, etc., but quickly realized that there was nothing she could compare the object to. Conclusion: Unidentified Aerial Vehicle.”

August 6, 2011 – Trumbull, OH. CE1, Category 2. Case 31000.

“I’ve been watching the skies for quite some time,” the witness stated. “Being an ex-military bomb tech whose primary job was to load the weapons on just about any military aircraft around, naturally I have a knack to look up at the skies. Well recently I have been noticing helicoptor-ish air craft in the air at night. Now not all nights, but most nights. Well I noticed that these certain aircraft would spend long amounts of time just hovering in one spot. I noticed they ‘flashed in a certain way’ and that their lights would completely change when another aircraft in the sky approached. Now where I live I am in quite an active air space as I am not far from a major airport. But it seems odd for these strange aircraft to just ‘hang around’. Not to mention it costs around $3,000 an hour to keep any type of aircraft like that in the air, let alone several. So naturally I assumed them to be government aircraft looking for marijuana growers. Well one night I was outside around 10 o’clock and I was bringing my dog in off the line when I stopped and noticed that there were three of these in the air that night. I noticed one beginning to travel to my left. Having been interested in these for quite some time I made the not-so-bright decision to flash my green led flashlight at it and it quickly vanished from sight. Shortly after the other two started to travel in opposite direction – one to the left (almost the same but not quite the same path as the previous) and one to the right. Within seconds I could hardly keep my eyes on both without turning my head from side to side. Then I began to have an interesting feeling, so I turned around and no more than 50 feet above my house was emerging a strange triangular aircraft. It was dull in color and seemed to have the front wing span flush with the front of the air craft. The wings had a red and blue light on the front outside edges. And in the very front there was a strange faint ‘tracing back and forth light’ in the very front right below what would have been the cockpit. All the while it never made a sound. I ran as fast as I could and got under the safety of my front door and out of the view of the strange craft. I immediately began to yell for my wife, who of course at the time heard nothing. After several seconds ‘which seemed like eternity’ of me yelling and noticing the craft was just hovering above the house, I made the decision to go get my wife. Better to have a witness, right? Upon getting her to the door, the craft had began moving again and was now about 100 feet away and headed out over the field behind our house. Shortly after it was joined by the other two and they all sailed out of sight. After five years in the military I have worked with all kinds of aircraft and all I can say is – well – let’s just say the next day my wife went out and bought a shot gun. They still appear quite regularly, nothing as close though, just waiting. The ball is in their court.”

August 8, 2011 – Alachua County, FL. CE1, Category 2. Case 30859.

“I was driving my truck down Hickery Hammock Road on my way home from work. A quarter mile from my street, I observed bright lights about a half of a mile ahead of me in the middle of the road. After getting closer it looked like a circus tent and upon getting closer the shape of a pyramid became more visible to me. They were shaped like three pyramids with mirrors and glowing lights outlining the objects. Two were hovering in the road about five feet above the road, and the third was hovering about 60 to 70 feet to the right above the power lines. My feelings during the encounter were at awe. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and tried to figure out what it could be in the middle of nowhere. I then texted friends and family and told them of my sighting; four of whom believe me . I then drew pictures of what I had seen. I lost sight of the objects when an oncoming car was coming toward me behind them. Before the car got too close to them, they vanished through thin air; like cutting off a light switch.”

Field Investigator: “Talking with witness, his testimony is consistent each time. I am closing this case as Unknown UAV.”

August 10, 2011 – Howard County, IN. AN1, Category 1. Case 30792.

“Traveling north on US 31 at southern edge of Kokomo when an object appearing to be on fire appeared in front of us just at treetop telephone pole level from the west,” the witness stated. “Others on 31 had to have seen it because everyone was hitting their brakes (10:30 p.m.) Not having any idea what it was, we followed it a short way through a subdivision.  It ascended into the sky to the east for at least a mile and poof it disappeared just as it had appeared.  When we got home 45 minutes later, two large jets flew very low over our home heading east. (Grissom AFB is nearby).  A friend told me they flew over again about 3:30 a.m. and woke her up.  The jets are very unusual any more since Grissom is no longer a regular AFB. Wish we’d taken photos with our cell phones, but did not have time.”

Field Investigator: “She stated that on a clear sky evening of Aug. 9, 2011, she and her grandson were driving north on State Road 31 when, on the south edge of Kokomo approaching the Kokomo Mall vicinity, they saw from their car window what appeared to be an object that they first believed to be burning because of the red-orange glowing color and because the outline of the object seemed ‘fuzzy’ around the edges.  She observed the object to be of a triangular shape about half the size of a car and that she, at first, thought it to be a piece of cardboard on fire.  However, upon further observation realized that the object was not burning. The object first appeared to the witnesses as ‘just out of the blue’.  The witness could not discern whether the object was under intelligent control or not.  After traveling horizontally northward along the treetops the witness said the object began to ascend upwards in an eastwardly direction to about a mile high before disappearing as suddenly as it had first appeared.  The witness believed the object was observed by others in vehicles in front of her as they were braking ahead of her vehicle.  When she arrived home, she observed jets flying out of Grissom in eastwardly direction towards the location she had observed the object.  Witness B, the grandson, is in agreement on all aspects of the reported sighting.  Because of several anomalies of the phenomenon witnessed, including the sudden appearance, the lack of sound, the overall red-orange glow, and the sudden ascension and subsequent and sudden disappearance of the object and, with lack of photos, video, or other physical evidence, I am determining the object observed to be an Unknown Ariel phenomenon of an MA1 classification status.”

August 17, 2011 – Atlantic County, NJ. CE1, Category 2. Case 31221.

“We were pulling a horse trailer west bound on I-80,” the reporting witness stated. “Saw what I thought was an airplane with its lights on flying very low and headed directly toward us. We were coming up a hill and the lights were about 1-2 miles in the distance and just above the hill we were climbing. It almost looked like a very bright street light right on top of the hill we were driving except it was too bright and a little too high to be a street light. As we got closer it became apparent that it was moving too slowly to be an airplane. As we got closer we saw that is was a large triangular-shaped craft drifting over the roadway from southwest toward northeast. It made no noise and it had two green, pulsating lights on either side that did not appear to be attached to the craft. The lights looked to be about 10 feet off to each side. It had bright lights pointing forward attached to the forward point of the triangle and lights along the back line of the triangle. I slowed down to about 5-10 mph and passed directly under the craft as it drifted over the road. I then pulled to the shoulder and watched it disappear behind the tree tops. It looked to be 200-300 feet high and became out of sight when it passed over the trees along the edge of the roadway. There were other vehicles on the road that had to see it, but we were the only ones to slow down and pull over to the side to get a better look.”

August 20, 2011 – Harris, TX. FB1, Category 1. Case 31087.

“On the night of Friday Aug,20,2011, as i was going to get something to eat at 9:00 at night. I left my house and drove east over the F.M.1960 bridge crossing over Lake Houston. As i entered the bridge i could see an object moving very slowly almost stationary over the east side of the bride. As i approached the object i could see (thru my sun roof)a triangular shaped craft illuminated by its 5 bright white lights. The object was almost directly over me at an altitude of around 500 feet. I could make out the outline of the craft by its lights illuminating the object. It seemed to be almost drifting towards the Northwest had no sound and was around 150 feet in diameter. After crossing the bridge and wanting another look at this strange object i did a u-turn and crossed the bridge again heading west. The object was moving North at this point and was around a mile away. I know other people must have seen the object as there were others crossing the bridge as well. Ive lived here for 3 years and seen thousands of planes fly over the Lake. This was not ur typical airplane and unlike anything i have ever seen.”

Field Investigator: “The craft that the witness selected from a group of experimental aircraft is the well known TR-3B. This experimental craft is a possible back engineered vehicle by the US government. As of this date the US Government has not released an official statement in regards to the TR-3B. On June 6, 2011, at 11:30 p.m. a witness in Ennis, TX, saw this same craft (See case 29484). On June 10, 2011, at 4:05 a.m. a witness identified the craft in Conroe, TX (See case 29476). Disposition:  This case will be cleared as an Unknown UAV.”

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