ROGER MARSH is a media content developer with works in print, film, television, web, and stage: Coffee table-style pictorial books on Americana, sports, mysteries, and current events; specialized research with UFOs, the paranormal, and comedy in multiple media formats – including television, film, and documentary.

His “UFO Traffic Reports” published more than 7,000 times in web and print formats since 2009 covering the best new UFO cases of interest. He is the author of two annual editions of UFO Cases of Interest in 2018 and 2019 covering more than 500 best cases. He was a case researcher for the History channel’s “Hangar 1: The UFO Files.” His UFO case and media content research have appeared on multiple networks including History, Travel, Science, A&E, Discovery+, and Destination America. He has worked with many print, radio, and television network news affiliates domestically and abroad.

Hangar 1: The UFO Files – History Channel – two seasons.

Roger is currently appearing in the Discovery+ network show “UFO Witness” with host Ben Hansen – season one, episode two, 2021. The series is also available on the Travel Channel.

He has been quoted or interviewed in many U.S. media, including Forbes magazine, The New York Times, Wired magazine, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, NPR and Coast to Coast AM. Roger has additionally done numerous radio show interviews and speaking engagements.

He is the author of Sacred Dialogue, editor of Silent Invasion, co-editor of Ron Paul Speaks, and co-editor of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON): 50 Years, 1969-2019. He is the former MUFON Director of Communications where he managed media content, permissions, and licensing for the planet’s largest UFO study group. Roger is the former editor of the international MUFON Journal with 93 consecutive monthly editions from 2011 – 2019.

Roger’s comedy works include multiple plays, radio plays, and novelettes, typically with recurring characters. Staged radio versions of episodes appeared on Chicago area stages for several years as Dime Novel Radio Theater, 60-minute stage shows produced as a 1940s live radio broadcast. Episodes included, “Mars Attacks Chicago,”“Jack and the Wild Onion Boys,”“Solid Gold Cadillac,” and “Black Box.” Chicago area venues included Frankie J’s On Broadway, the Chicago Jewish Theater, Stage Left, Chicago Public Library, and a shared stage with the longest-running Chicago comedy, “Late Nite Catechism” at Downers Grove. Original play productions: “On A Moment’s Notice,” “What A Novel Idea,” and “My Kingdom For A Pizza.”

Roger wrote, directed, and produced several video comedies and docudramas. “Mars Attacks Mt. Pleasant” and “Haunted R&R Station” are available on DVD as community films. “Haunted Hinsdale House,” “Haunted Knickerbocker Hotel,” and “Exploring Site 516” are multi-webisodes originally housed on YouTube.

Roger was acquisitions editor on hundreds of books in worldwide markets, including a New York Times bestseller, Ross Perot: What Does He Stand For?, and career favorite The Holocaust Chronicle, a pictorial history.

The church behind the school house still stands from Alfred Hitchcock’s film, The Birds. Bodega, CA.

Roger currently works from McGill House Research Studio in Franklinville, NY. Historical, paranormal, and comic projects.