Cylinders 2011: Second quarter case review

Cylinders or cigar-shaped UFOs played a major reporting role in MUFON’s 2011 database as another silent shape popping up randomly across the U.S. In this month’s Part Two, we examine edited witness testimony and, when available, selected field investigator notes, from the second quarter.

The following five cases all occurred one mile or under from the witness as we begin on May 26 in Minnesota.

May 26, 2011 – Sibley County, MN, FB1, Category 1. Case 29340.

“At around 2 p.m. on a cloudless, sunny afternoon in a parking lot we saw clearly a cylinder moving forward and stopping, reversing backwards, then flying forward and disappearing.  It was clearly metallic, without wings or tail. We have never seen a UFO before.  We were amazed.”

Field Investigator: “Witnesses had discussed their sighting in detail and for this reason they were interviewed together. Object was moving across the witnesses’ line of sight at about the speed of a commercial airliner for about a minute, then suddenly stopped and reversed direction, stopped again, and hovered for 5-10 seconds, then resumed forward direction, began to ascend, and accelerated to a speed considerably faster than a commercial airliner and disappeared as a point in the sky.  Both witnesses appear well educated. The military base is 2-3 miles away from the location of the sighting and the witnesses were certain that the object was not a plane or helicopter. Neither witness had prior interest in UFOs.”

May 28, 2011 – Pueblo County, CO, MA1, Category 1. Case 29305.

Colorado Case 29305. Photo shows the scene of the event from May 28, 2011.

“At my home in my backyard playing horse shoes, I was walking southwest looking at the distant mountains. Looking up approx 800 to 1,000 feet flying southwest to northeast in a straight line, it moved without noise, first hovering, then moving out of sight within 45 seconds to a minute. A very eerie sight. Rotated at its center while hovering when I first observed it, it shown a white beam like light two or three times. Watched it pass directly over my house. I ran into the bottom back door, up the stairs and yelled at my wife to follow me outside through the front door. She did and by the time I pointed to where it was, it was already at the horizon of a ridge approximately one mile away. My wife saw it as it disappeared over the ridge. The object at first appeared as a cylinder shape, round on top and squared at the bottom (honestly it really reminded me of R2D2 in appearance). It was able to and did rotate at its center. There were what looked like two single extensions at its base when I first saw it. I later thought they may have been landing gear. But as it passed over, the extensions were no longer visible. The object was almost translucent in its appearance, kind of darker at the top and clear at its bottom half. I am a registered nurse, 59 years old and an Air Force vet. I am familiar with all sorts of odd looking craft being stationed Holloman AFB for the last two years of my enlistment. I think the oddest thing of the entire experience was that there was absolutely no noise made by this craft. In fact, for just a moment as it passed over head, I thought it may have been some sort of weather balloon, however, it had structure, was solid and very multi-dimensional in its character. It had left me astounded, dumbfounded and wondering if it was something my mind made up. But my wife saw it as well. A very out of this world experience. “

Colorado Case 29305. Witness produced this sketch for the Field Investigator depicting the object from different sides for this May 28, 2011, case.

Field Investigators: “Witness walked us around property to where he was when noticed object. Note: Witness was in backyard playing horseshoes. Witness was facing in the direction of object when noticed it.  Stated it just seemed to appear and had a shimmering effect above it and what appeared to be landing posts under it. Witness states object never touched down, kind of hovered with what appeared to be a rotating center, then had a white beam appear two or three times on the ground. Witness stated he felt like or got the impression that it was looking for something – used word ‘purposeful’. Witness states was feeling apprehensive, embarrassed, confused, very tense.  Stated if had not ran in and gotten wife to come out front of house to see it moving away, would have questioned if he actually experienced it and would probably not have reported the incident.  Witness had drawing as requested of what he saw, which has been attached. Showed witness computer generated forensic composite illustrations based from actual CUFOS/MUFON/APRO and UFO evidence case files/chose # 24 & 36 as closest to what he observed. June 20, 2011, contacted Ft. Carson Public Affairs, questioned any experimental aircraft research going on in area.  Response:  No – stated home of 10th SFG(A) Airborne/helicopters, which is for unconventional warfare-special reconnaissance and foreign internal defense missions. Stated most training/military maneuvers done at Pinon Canyon. No other information obtained. June 30, 2011, it is the opinion of this investigator along with co-investigator that this was not a weather balloon or manmade object based on description provided.”

June 22, 2011 – Shawnee County, KS, AN1, Category 1. Case 29688.

“My wife and I were outside standing on the porch when I noticed from the southeast a strange, shining object. I said to my wife, ‘would you look at this, it’s weird.’ There’s no sound at all and no fuel trail lines in the sky behind it like a plane. I think it’s a UFO. She tried to take a picture with her camera phone, but couldn’t get it in frame. My neighbors were trying to figure out what we were seeing right in front of us in broad daylight!! It was moving pretty slow, so my neighbor went in her home and retrieved her binoculars. It was shaped like a short, fat missile with two large, circular lights beneath it. We watched it travel from east to west until it was no longer visible. About five minutes later it returned heading from the east to west. Today (June 23, 2011, about 3:10 p.m. )we witnessed three or more military choppers flying the same directions as if they were tracking something in the air. They flew back and forth for about 45 minutes.”

June 28, 2011 – La Porte County, IN, FB1, Category 1. Case 29801.

“We were in a parking lot on Pine Lake Road in LaPorte, IN.  I noticed a silver ‘plane’ flying to the west, but when I looked at it, there was no tail and no wings, although there did seem to be dark, vertically rectangular areas in the middle near where wings would be. It was flying low, at a descent altitude for planes, but flying horizontally, also much slower than a plane would appear to be moving at that altitude.  I was staring at it, trying to make out wings because I thought they had to be there. There was definitely nothing where the tail should be. We were looking at it from the side. I didn’t say anything to my husband because I felt silly, but a few seconds after I noticed it he said, ‘What is that thing?’.  Neither one of us had ever seen anything like it before. We watched it for a couple of minutes until it was small in the distance to the west. It was much too slender to be a blimp. I still think there must be some explanation that doesn’t involve aliens, but I sure can’t think of one.”

Field Investigator: “This report is very similar in description and time as that of report #29773. Occurrence was just about a half-hour earlier. I called the witness of the La Porte sighting on July 1, 2011. She and her husband’s sighting occurred about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, June 28th. She said the apparent size was that of golf ball and the elevation was 60 degrees. The actual size is very difficult to determine and can only be approximately estimated. The witness believed it was at a low altitude, which if the case would put its actual length in the 32-100 foot category. There was some apparent structure on the object in the middle. Other than a first time sighting and the excitement of it there were no other unusual occurrences associated with this event.  Couple with the other events noted in the above referenced report it would indicate this was a UAV event. “

June 30, 2011 – Hartford County, CT, AN1, Category 1. Case 29935.

Connecticut Case 29935 – both top and bottom illustrations were provided to the Field Investigator to illustrate what the object looked like for this June 30, 2011, encounter.

“This evening at approximately 8:01 p.m., I was sitting in the TV room with my wife; I mentioned I heard a band playing. She mentioned that’s probably the celebration for the completion of the world’s tallest sand castle at Winding Trails. As I stepped out the back door to identify the tune being played (looking west), I looked up and noticed a large cloud formation in the midst of the beautiful blue sky. The sun was setting, so it was crystal clear around this one large cloud, with the exception of a few smaller dissipating clouds. The sun had been setting so the sky was blue around and behind the clouds (west). I then noticed to my upper right (north / northwest), a shiny, silver cylindrical fuselage, ‘bullet-shaped craft’. As the sky was perfectly clear, this thing was traveling from the north side of my house towards the west approaching the cloud. At first I asked myself, ‘Is this a plane?’ I felt it was something different. Then I noticed it had no wings or tail. It had what looked like two small fins with two white, short air streaks following (less than half the size of the craft). This was coming off the fins (not a contrail). I also noticed it was silent, no sound, no engine was heard. We have much traffic from Bradley Airport and you can hear jet engines or prop engines readily at even higher altitudes. The craft seemed to be traveling in an arc toward this (cloud) destination. Now as it went into the cloud, I wanted to verify this was not a plane, as well as observe it further. As the trees seemed to be blocking this view, I quickly ran through the house to the front of the house to our driveway. I was viewing the cloud and sure enough no objects came out the back end. Since I could see this thing clearly, I believe it was traveling very slow – perhaps 100 to 200 mph. It seemed to glide upward toward the cloud. Upon looking at the cloud, to see where it might be, I then noticed it was becoming stationary near a small cloud. As the cloud drifted, it seemed to go with it in our direction. It was now over our home. I looked up right under this thing. It had a haze around it and seemed semi-transparent. While looking under it – still at cloud level it – had one red light (blinking) directly in the middle of the craft. As it hovered over my home, it then blinked once, then twice, and disappeared. It was something to watch. After checking cloud ceiling levels from New Britian weather channel, they were reported at 4,900 feet. The distance to the object was walked off and calculated to a distance of 6,169 feet. The object was initially in a cloud bank directly over the park event which was located at 3,748 feet. On a conservative calculation, using the cloud levels (, the distance to the event over which it was stationed (once at my home) and (just one-half mile away over the outdoor event), the craft size would be approximately between 100 to 150 feet long. It had what looked like a black streak down the middle of the craft’s length and what looked like windows. I hereby allow MUFON to study this case to see if similar cases have been reported. I heard Channel 8 news captured a few unidentified crafts in the storm clouds last week.”

Field Investigator: “[Weather: 56 deg.; barom, 29.89 rising ; wind: W;  visibility: 10 mi., WNW, 5.8 mph]

Witness viewed a cylindrical object that moved, hovered, appeared as in a haze, went into a cloud. Not sure if it was a plane; seemed semi-transparent. He drew and sent FI elaborate and detailed drawings (said he drew pictures of planes, etc. when a child). Not drinking, no drugs; on a diet. Drawings show lots of detail – uncertain how this can be viewed from one mile or so in distance. Enthusiasm of witness was noticeable. Trees blocked his view ; Bradley airport traffic is often in area. Witness gave estimates of height and distance, and size of object. Behavior of object did not seem to be that of a plane/jet. Unusual shape, colors. Uncertain if an IFO – man-made. Not a plane or helicopter as such. Summary: Unknown UAV.”

Cylinder UFOs reviewed as a common shape; MUFON Journal

Some of the CMS cylinder reports from the past year include witness testimony describing a centered dark band.

The cylinder or cigar-shaped UFO remains in the top 10 most reported objects each year for MUFON witness testimony. While we understand that many contemporary winged aircraft can easily be misidentified when viewed from the right angle, there are good cases where the witness is close enough to the object to rule out known craft.

In the early 1970s there was a rash of cigar-shaped sightings in southwestern Pennsylvania where the objects were very low – hovering and moving directly over building rooftops – and in multiple cases were spotted above electric company transformers where multiple fuses were blown.

I had an opportunity to videotape an interview with an eyewitness to a September 1987 sighting in this same region where the witness watched the object with two additional witnesses and later spoke with a power company employee who was repairing a transformer the morning after a sighting. The employee admitted he was aware of the UFO phenomena and in fact his company had actually issued a memo asking employees to be on the alert for these objects that were disrupting service in the area. The case was investigated at that time by UFO researcher Stan Gordon and this interview can be seen at YouTube.

Photos or illustrations of cigar-shaped UFO are rare as investigators reply primarily on witness testimony to gather case information. This image is from Case 34530 that occurred on January 2, 2012, over Kyle, Texas; a closed Unknown UAV case.

The following is Part 1 of a four-part series covering CMS cylinder or cigar-shaped witness testimony from 2011 for cases closed as Unknown UAV. Edited witness testimony and, when available, an investigator statement is included.

Using the CMS variable “one mile and under” and lower object altitudes, there are five closed cases from 2011 from three states – Arizona, Kentucky and Texas. Our story begins early in the year, on January 4, in Arizona’s Prima County, part of the state’s south central region with a 2010 population of 980,263 and a land mass of 9,186 square miles.

January 4, 2011 – Prima County, AZ. FB1, Category 1. Case 27254.

“I am visiting my sister here in Tucson and last evening coming home out on Tanque Verdie Road west, ‘hopefully spelled right’, we noticed what honestly looked like an airplane to me. It was coming straight at us at about 3,000 ft, ‘I am a pilot’. Suddenly, a relatively bright ‘star like object’ appeared to drop from it slowly. It was under control by someone or something as it stopped a few seconds, then headed west several seconds. It then quickly headed back east toward us in the truck, maintaining altitude. It was changing colors from red to white but in a twinkling ‘star like fashion’. There was no place to pull over in the first few seconds, but we kept the object in sight. Then a second ‘star-like’ object came out, only this one was smaller. I got out and the ‘plane or whatever’ passed overhead. It was dark but I could see what looked like a long cylinder with very slim ‘wings’ at the very back. There was no audible sound. It had two white lights on the front, and two red lights at the rear close together in the center. There are lots of aircraft with a rear set wing, but these wings were coming from the very back where the horizontal stabilizers are normally located, and appeared to be more like sticks than wings as they were very narrow. It did not have the normal marking lights of an airplane. No red light on the port wingtip, no green light on the starboard side, and no white light at the rear, just the two red lights close together. Having never seen anything like this before I was caught up in the moment and lost sight of the smaller object as it was like a far away star you almost had to look away from slightly to see. I had binoculars in the truck but by the time I got them out I could not find the first star-like object any longer and the people in the back seat were making jokes about my sister and I as we were the only ones who could see it from the from the front seat of the four-door pick up. We were just a minute or two from home, and I again tried to relocate any part of what we saw, but could not. I just can’t understand what or why an aircraft would release something like that.”

Field Investigator: “Witness A called me and we discussed his sighting for approximately 45 minutes. I got the impression of Witness A as being entirely sincere about what he had witnessed. Given his background and life experiences I believe that he did indeed see something that is unexplainable.”

March 1, 2011 – Brazos County, TX. CE1, Category 2. Case 29274.

“One morning, around 2 a.m. in early March of 2011, I walked into my backyard to have a cigarette before going to sleep. Before I proceed, I want to state that I am an avid observer of the sky, particularly in the city of College Station. I can therefore attest that I am very familiar with seeing planes (commercial and military), stars, meteors, cloud formations, and just about anything else you would see if you spent a lot of time sky-watching. Going back to 2 a.m. early March of 2011, I had just walked outside and looked up like I always do facing southwest. About 45 degrees off the horizon, I noticed a rusty orange-colored object flying from south to north (my left to right). This object was close (less than 200 feet off the ground and less than 250 feet away from me) and made absolutely no sound. It was shoebox-shaped (cubic) and appeared orange-ish in color but only because it was reflecting the orange hue of street lights it was flying over. Had there been no streetlights, this craft would have appeared black. The craft was not very large, maybe only several cubic meters in volume. My immediate reaction to explain how it moved so straight at constant speed and constant elevation, made no sound, and was so close to me was that it had to be a glider. This cannot have been the case, however, as a glider would have a very visible wing structure, which this craft definitely lacked. Eventually, this object flew out of my sight bearing north. I have never seen an object fly like this before or after this event. Several days later, standing in the same backyard and looking in the sky northwest, I noticed an even stranger event. A few days later (no more than 4) right around sunset (approximately 7:30 p.m.), I was sitting in my backyard and noticed a white, vertically oriented cigar-shaped object, relatively far away, about 15 degrees off the horizon, that appeared to be moving. This object was brilliantly white, in stark contrast to other clouds in the sky that were painted red and orange by the setting sun. As I stared, this object appeared to be changing and moving as I could see the object crossing below and then going back above a non-moving power line that happened to be in the same line of sight between me and this object. I watched this object for about a minute, and during that time its color remained this odd white, but its shape changed from vertical cigar, then shrunk into a sphere maybe a quarter the size of the cigar, then elongated into a horizontal-shaped cigar, and then shrunk back into a sphere. When it shrunk back into a sphere the second time, a bright orange point of light began shining from within this cloud-like sphere. The light was not moving, was colored bright orange, and was not any star or planet I have ever seen. It was still daylight out and maybe a few other stars or planets were even visible at this point in the evening, but this light was 10 times brighter than any other object/light in the sky. This convinced me to run inside and get out a half broken telescope and viewing the object through the starfinder of the telescope (similar angular resolution as a rifle scope). Looking through the starfinder at the still shining sphere revealed something incredible, and something I will do my best to describe in words. The orange light appeared star-like (a point source) and was very bright. It was orange, and its color stayed constant. Its position remained constant with regards to the ‘sphere’ and in my line of sight, making it seem as if both the orange light and the cloud-like sphere it came from were not moving with regards to each other or me. The orange light was coming from under what looked like a mushroom cap that colored this cloud like white. The best way I can describe what the cloud-like shapes (that turned into the mushroom cap) looked like would be very similar to the vapor cone that forms around a jet as it breaks the sound barrier. Very similar in texture and color. Eventually, both the orange light and the cloud-like mushroom cap disappeared into invisibility. They more or less faded from sight as I was looking at them. I have not seen anything unusual since these two sightings, but because of them I find myself constantly watching the skies with an undying anxiety of seeing something similar. I know what I saw and I know it was no object, natural or man-made, that I had ever seen before or have ever seen since.”

Investigator: “The object was first reported in the south to be about 200 feet above the ground and about 250 feet from the witness. Witness stated that the object was in the shape of a shoe box about 6 feet long by 3 feet wide and about 2.5 feet thick. The object was reported to have an orange glow but the witness seems to think that it was picking up the street lights below. The object was last seen in the north and just disappeared in front of the witness. There are three minor airfields location in the Bryan College Station area. West of College Station is Texas AM Test Station. To the northeast is Coulter Field and to the south is Easterwood Field. At this time this Investigation can’t determine what the witness may have experienced.  It should be noted that that College Station is the home of Texas A&M and it has been the experience of this Investigator that we have gotten some hoaxed reports in the area. The witness was reluctant to give any further information about his personal information. This leads this Investigator to believe there should be some question about this report. The size and description given by the witness is also in some question. At this time this Investigator can’t prove or disprove what the witness saw. This case will be closed as an Unknown UAV.”

March 2, 2011 – Jefferson County, KY. FB1, Category 1. Case 28068.

“Bardstown Road, MacDonalds in the Highlands. Driving around the back of the store to go through the ‘drive through’.  Looked up and saw object to the east moving north to south at a decent clip. Being in the car and the angle, we could not get a picture with our cell phones.  We kept looking for evidence that it was a plane and that with the angle of the sun the wings and tail fins were not evident.  As it passed we realized there were not any wings or tail fins and that it was longer than a plane.  It was close enough to see it decently.  It moved on to the south.  Not a usual flight pattern but not unheard of for planes.  But as we looked it did not have wings or tail fins. Currently I do not wish to be contacted by third parties, but could change this status if need be. There was no sound. We had the windows of the car open.”

Investigator: “The reporting witness was very well grounded and creditable. Her description and sighting reflects a pattern which is being reported across the state. Case closed and disposed as ‘Unknown’.”

March 2, 2011 – Coleman County, TX. FB2, Category 2. Case 28070.

Witness submitted this photo found on the Internet as appearing to be very close to what was seen in Case 28070 from Coleman County, Texas, on March 2, ,2011.

“Large well lit craft with three huge lights appeared at a very low altitude and banked hard and lights went out. A dozen very light blue lights moved about the area and circled my location flashing very quickly in a random pattern but never going too far from my location. Large craft first spotted reappeared at times just above the tree line to the west. Then lights again went out. Blue lights flew directly over my location and what seemed like a small craft revealed they were a very large craft with almost no lights on and the only one on that was on was on the very edge of the huge craft. The craft was at least a city block long and holding a tight but slow circular pattern around my location. The large craft appeared close and higher above the tree line. One light disappeared as it rotated out of view and another came on large and bright in the center of the craft. I thought the object was going to pass right over me but it backed away instead and the lights went out again. I could hear the roar of a jet approaching. I saw its lights as it passed overhead. All activity ceased but started back up not three minutes after the jet left the area. The large craft reappeared with two lights showing and looked again as if it was going to pass right over me. Once again the lights went out and I could hear the roar of a jet approaching the area again. I saw the jet streak through the area and the activity stopped again. I left the area and  saw a large, bright object high in the sky. It was located directly over a rural home. I could see folks standing on the front porch and vehicle parking lights on. I stopped to get a picture of the object above the house. It began moving away and I could easily see it had triangular lights on the bottom but my pictures didn’t come out as good as they should have of this slow-moving craft. Captured many pictures and some video of these events, but they do not do justice to what I personally witnessed.”

Investigator: “. I found this witness to be credible.”

March 28, 2011 – Coconino County, AZ. FB2, Category 2. Case 28523.

“I run a paranormal blog, and I took a trip to Sedona, AZ, last week for fun and to see if I could capture anything on film for my blog. I had been told by locals that things often show up on camera near the ‘vortexes’ that don’t show up to the naked eye. As my parents and I hiked up Bell Rock, I took several pictures of the sky and carefully scanned first to make sure I wasn’t photographing any planes, hawks or helicopters.  The sky was totally clear to my eye when I took this. Upon reviewing my photos last night, I found several anomalies only in the skies of Sedona photos, but this was the strangest one. It appears to be disc-shaped, grayish or silver, with some kind of white vertical cylinder in the center. I have attached the un-edited, full-size original photo, as well as a close-up of just the object.  To find the UFO in the full-size, look at the center of the sky area, then slightly up and slightly left.”

Investigator: “This is a peculiar type of sighting because the object was only “seen” by a digital camera.  There were three persons present, but none of them saw the object.  It only appeared in the photo.”

Part Four: Triangles 2011 – Fourth quarter cases reviewed

The following are selected triangle cases that were investigated by MUFON during the fourth quarter 2011. All cases were closed as Unknown UAV. Field Investigator notes follow the edited witness testimony. The object in each of these nine cases was under 100 feet.

October 3, 2011 – Jackson County, MO. CE1, Category 2. Case 32621.

“We were driving back to Lees Summit via 291 Hwy South.  My wife was driving the U-haul 14-foot truck and I was on the passenger side.  Somewhere on 291 Hwy just past Woods Chapel (around 8 p.m.-ish), I saw through the front left corner of the windshield what I thought were lights on top of a building.  As I realized there were no buildings there I then thought it was a billboard with a series of lights on it as the lights were just hovering there motionless. (It was a pretty dark and on-coming traffic headlights made it hard to see eye level detail).  These lights I would say were around 100 feet off the ground and they looked like a Christmas tree lit up (with white/amber lights) lying on its side with the ‘tip’ of the tree pointing in the south direction.  As soon as I realized something was odd about the lights I quickly pointed them out to my wife.  As we got closer to the lights another object caught my attention. It was hovering at the same level as the first set of lights and about 100 feet south of it. This second object, I thought was a helicopter and got the impression that it was checking out the first object (either police or news crew helicopter). It too was odd looking as it had red and blue (and green?) blinking lights in an angular pattern outlining it and I don’t think it was a helicopter as it was a dark object hovering motionless with no tilt or wobble you see on a helicopter trying to hover in one spot. At the same time I was trying to start up the camera on my phone.  Although I managed to video a little just as we passed it, the movement and low lighting made it impossible to distinguish anything. Regretting not having my regular digital camera with me, my senses were at a heightened state after seeing such odd objects in an odd setting (odd objects hovering in plain sight next to a highway with heavy traffic). We continued on south on 291 Hwy. After a couple of minutes, the first object, being brightly lit against a dark sky, again caught my attention.  This time it was out my passenger side window, the rapid motion and lights from it got my attention as it flew fluidly (at about the same altitude) from a north to south direction. I watched it for a second or two and it separated into three separate objects; one set of lights continued to fly forward while two other sets of lights immediately turned on a dime and went the opposite direction (north). The one set of lights closest to me tilted slightly to the west as it made the turn allowing me to see the underside. It had three lights forming a triangle. None of these three objects had blinking lights at any time, only the constant white amber lights.”

Field Investigator: “The witness is very sincere.  He has had several sighting lately and has produced video and photos.  This sighting was on the night of the 3rd when no planes were scheduled out of the Lees Summit Airport.  The two objects he and his wife saw were completely different.  The first object is the one that I am more concerned with as the second one seems to have more conventional features.”

October 17, 2011 – Polk County, IA. CE1, Category 2. Case 32682.

“Looked like an airplane because of red blinking lights, but suddenly stopped and hovered and red lights turned off and it came back from the way it was going,” the witness stated. “Kept moving slowly at this point until I could no longer see it because of the trees. Once the red lights went away, a green light appeared on one point of the triangular object. The rest of the lights were yellow-clear. Also had very small lights on the bottom of the object that sort of outlined the triangular shape.

Field Investigator: “At 7:12 p.m. on Monday night, October 17, 2011, as the witness approached Exit 79 on Highway 65N, witness saw a dark-surfaced triangle with many lights, estimated at 50-60 feet to the right (east) at tree top level (witness estimates 50 feet altitude, and a size of some 30 feet).  Object moved away (east) from witness briefly, then stopped to hover briefly, then moved back toward witness, moving silently over witnesses’ car at 90 degrees, and continuing on to witnesses’ left (west) beyond some trees, and out of sight. Witness estimates a distance of 50-60 feet to her right, at treetop level when first seen.  Using 50 feet altitude as it passed overhead at 90 degrees, yields a possible size of some 32 feet, which roughly agrees with witnesses’ perception of the size of the triangle.”

October 18, 2011 – Arapahoe County, CO. CE1, Category 2. Case 32709.

“I came out to give mail to my cousin-in-law,” the witness stated. “He was showing me pictures of his new baby. We were standing on my front porch. He said something about a falling star. I looked up and saw nothing. A few seconds passed and I heard the neighbor dogs whine like nothing I’ve ever heard. I took a step forward and looked up again and suddenly a black triangle was right above us. No lights; nothing but a black object. I repeatedly asked if he could see it. He said ‘no.’ It moved slightly bearing southeast and it passed between two trees. I then saw the side – three orange colored lights. Then it changed angles and I was able to see two sides with three lights each. It made no noise as it faded into the horizon at great speed. I immediately thought a government drone or military craft. I live close to an Air Force base and have never seen anything like it. I have personally witnessed three drones and this was nothing like it. There were no lights on the bottom at all. There was a strange haze around the ship like a magnetic field around it. I’ve never had this kind of feeling. I’ve always been able to find a reasonable explanation. Not this time. 

Field Investigator: “Although there are many gaps in the information for this case, the amount of detail in the description seems to discount the possibility that the stimulus could have been any conventional aircraft, satellite or astronomical event.  Another case reported for the same date seems to corroborate this sighting as both reports describe a dark, triangular-shaped craft with indistinct edges at low altitude silently passing overhead.  Both reports contain strikingly different details, but none that can’t be explained by progressive, or alternative functioning at the varied times of sighting.  The Investigator contacted Offutt AFB, NB and Whiteman AFB, MO and found that neither had any B-2 or other ‘stealth’ aircraft in the area during the month of October 2011. No indication of deception or collaboration on the part of the witnesses of the two reports could be found. Taking the evidence available, it seems that, lacking any further evidence in either case, the only disposition that can be given to this case is Unknown Aerial Vehicle.”

October 24, 2011 – Summit County, OH. CE1, Category 2. Case 32919.

“On this particular night I was outside smoking,” the reporting witness stated. “My girlfriend was in our apartment and I called her on her cell to tell her to check out these bright, red pulsating lights. I felt like someone was listening to our phone call. Very creepy. She came outside and that thing disappeared. We were talking and next thing we know, she tells me to look up, and we see this triangle object, steel gray looking, no lights or sound, is hovering and headed towards us. It hovered over our heads. We ran inside because we were scared to death. I have a very uneasy feeling about it and I’m scared. We told a few people, but they think we’re crazy. It was too close and I feel like something isn’t right.”

Field Investigator: “Based on the narrative it seems to be an unknown object.  There are many sightings that fit this description and so far we have not been able to determine what it is.”

November 7, 2011 – Allegheny County, PA. CE1, Category 2. Case 33962.

“I was driving down East Willock Road and noticed a bright light in the sky,” the witness stated. “As I kept on driving down that road, which leads to Street Run Road, I noticed this thing was not moving at all. It took me 4 to 5 minutes to get to the actual spot that it was hovering on at Dalwar Road. As I got under it I noticed it was silent and huge with three lights that were like a yellowish white color. It looked to be like a boomerang/triangle shape to it as I was under it. It moved so slow I didn’t take my eyes off it at all. That’s when I only saw the left side of its shape. It was a dark object – huge. It was a very clear night. It moved so slow, then it disappeared, and there were no clouds where I was at this time. I also was the only car on that road at the time, which was weird. It’s a busy street. It was 9:20 p.m. on November 7, 2011.”

Field Investigator: “Object size at 100 – 200 feet – took entire hand width with arm fully extended to cover.  Silent, hovering, black, triangle or boomerang shape, three lights toward the midline of the craft, steady, no color changes. Visualized for 4 -5 minutes, suddenly vanished. No additional witness. No physical effects on observer or to the car or cell phone.”

November 8, 2011 – Anne Arundel County, MD. CE1, Category 2. Case 33217.

“Looking at field across from the house on Governors Bridge Road where normal flight path is for BWI flights,” the witness stated. “It is a very clear night no cloud cover. We noticed a large craft flying low that changed directions and tilted to fly towards where we were standing in front of the yard on the other side of the road. We questioned why it was so bright and low. We also heard nothing that sounded like jets or planes. As the craft reached towards the road, we noticed three distinct white lights on each corner and a flashing red light on top of the craft and the craft was approximately 5,000 feet up, which is not normal for planes that large to fly in this residential/rural area. It then flew over us silently, tilted once again to make a faint turn, and realized it was an isosceles triangle. It slowly flew past and above us down Governors Bridge Road towards Route 50. It was so clear and unbelievable that we witnessed this craft. I ran inside quickly to get my phone to take pictures, but it had flown off and didn’t return. Date: November 8, 2011. Time: 8:30 p.m. Duration: 2 minutes. Sighting City: Davidsonville. Sighting Zip: 21035. Sighting County: Anne Arundel. Witnesses: 2. Shape: Triangle. Number of Craft: 1.

November 29, 2011 – Sacramento County, CA. CE1, Category 2. Case 33721.

“At approximately 9:17 p.m. I was traveling northbound on I-5 approaching Del Paso exit and I saw a craft shoot up from the ground and steadily rise up with a bright blue light, a shade of blue which I can’t describe,” the witness stated. “It looked to be circular, but as it rose its lights made it look stealth bomber in shape.  As it rose the lights changed to a green color, then to a purplish pink. It then darted diagonal in multi directions and then went downward only to rise again. As the object entered my rear view mirror, the colored lights were now a pale blue and it was hovering, but making a small circle. It then dropped again and then I was out of view. This object was flying in/over a field and no other lights were present in the field.”

Field Investigator: “Though she couldn’t clearly see the object shape itself because of the blinding lights, she could clearly see lights which were in a delta shape, and changing colors.  The witness doesn’t believe that the object was a remote controlled plane or drone because some of the side to side movements she doesn’t believe could be done with conventional aircraft.  The object approached within 15 to 20 feet of her car. The witness seemed very straightforward and her story matched previous versions, making her credible in my mind.”

December 6, 2011 – Lewis County, WV. CE1, Category 2. Case 33856.

“My mother and I were coming back from my girlfriend’s house,” the reporting witness stated. We came driving up a hill and I noticed a light above the car that drew my attention. I looked up and I saw a dark object maybe 20-30 feet in size and within 50-75 feet above the car. It was in the shape of an oval and had lights coming from the bottom which shined the normal color, but the object itself was a grayish blue color with a definite shape and did not have wings of any sort. It seemed to hover for a split second, and then shot directly over the car. And when I looked out the back window as we passed, it was gone.”

Field Investigator: “Both witnesses agreed on the discription of the object, grayish in color with a blueish aura surrounding it, approximately 30 feet in length and 20 feet across at the widest point.  Witness A also noticed seven white lights on the underside of it.  He said it was roughly triangular in shape with rounded corners, roughly the shape of a guitar pick.  The craft had three white lights running down the sides of it, with a seventh approximately centered in it.  The witnesses stated that the craft seemed to appear in front and above their car while driving down a country road.  Witness B briefly but clearly saw the craft as there was another car approaching theirs.  Witness A continued to watch it untill the roof of the car blocked his vision.  He stated that it was approximately 50 to 75 feet above the ground at that time.  Upon looking out the back window, he stated that it seemed to have disappeared.  He didn’t know whether it went straight up or sped off, or simply disappeared.  Witness B was driving and stated that the cars lights and engine didn’t react to the proximity of the object.  However, the next day, all of the warning lights on the dash suddenly came on and stayed on untill she shut the engine off.  Upon restarting, it behaved normally.  She had just purchased it and didn’t know whether that was a normal occurrence for it or not.  Both witnesses stated that the craft made no sound whatsoever.  In fact ,they said that there was almost an unnormal quietness in the air at that time.  Witness B also stated that at approximately 4:30 a.m. the next morning she was awakened with a severe headache.  She said that she had never experienced one of that type or severity before, and she considered going to the hospital, but it eventually went away.  Witness A also suffered a headache of the same kind upon waking at 8:30 that morning.  They stated that they haven’t suffered any more since that morning.  I checked the vehicle for any signs of exposure to any electro-magnetic radiation, but found none.  Both witnesses seemed honest and straight forward in their report and we felt there was no reason not to believe them.”

December 17, 2011 – Prince George County, VA. CE1, Category 2. Case 34196.

“On December 17, 2011, at approximately 6:05 a.m., I was warming up my vehicle getting ready to babysit for a friend,” the witness stated. “As I was in reverse pulling out of my driveway I noticed a light. I looked out of the passenger side window and did not notice a vehicle headed in my direction. I immediately noticed to my right, and as I continued to pull out, right ahead of me approximately 100 feet just above the tree line was a triangle-shaped UFO.  The UFO appeared to have been coming from the right as I first saw it and changed its direction to the left flying straight ahead from where I sat in my vehicle.  At first, before it changed its direction, I only noticed a bright white light. After the direction changed I could see the entire bottom, which had one bright, white light on the front and two in the back and one red flashing light in the middle of the two white lights in the back.  I heard no sound emitting from this aircraft and only noticed it because of the light. It did not appear to be at a fast pace.  I did not notice it speed up or slow down. It continued on its path in the same pace. I then turned on a road heading in the same direction and tried to keep a visual with it on my left but lost sight of it.  In my mind I tried to debate it. I see planes in this area all of the time, but they fly at a much higher altitude and I could still hear them.  This craft was very low, just above the tree line, with no sound and a flashing red light. This lasted about two minutes.”

Field Investigator:  “The sole witness was a former Military Police Officer and as such has been trained to observe details. In her 9 years of service in the military she has been exposed to different military aircraft and readily admits that she had never seen anything like what she witnessed the morning of December 17, 2011. She states that she is unfamiliar with the subject of UFOs. Her reaction to the event was not one of being scared, but curious to find a realistic answer to what she was witnessing. Because of her background the information she provides is most valuable. Here is the information she provided the investigator. The morning was clear and at the time of the event there were twilight light conditions. ‘The craft’ she saw was in the shape of a triangle with equal sides. The edges were clear and well defined. There was not anything like an exhaust emanating from the craft or any noise related to the event. The bottom of the object appeared solid. She describes the altitude as 100 feet above the trees surrounding her. She added that the trees are no more than 20 feet high. She describes a white light on each corner of the triangle which appeared to be of equal intensity. There was a blinking red light between the two lights in the tail of the object. The witness saw the object turn and change directions. The object appeared to change direction by rotating on its axis. It did not dip towards the new direction.  She estimates the speed of the object as 15 to 20 mph. She was not aware of any other witnesses to the event. She did share her experience with her co workers and family. ‘They laughed as I knew they would.’ Because of the light conditions we have a very good description of the triangular object. Although appearing solid, and we can conclude ‘heavier than air’ its propulsion is soundless and the way it turns and its speed indicate that it does not rely on aerodynamics for lift. The object showed a steady course and did not wobble thus eliminating the possibility of a balloon or other lighter than air object. The triangular shape can be mistaken for a modern fighter aircraft. The closest Air Force Base to the location is Langley Air Force Base about 70 miles to the southeast. Langley is home base for the new F-22 Raptor fighter. The Raptor relies on two powerful and noisy jet engines and is unable to travel at 15 -20 mph unless on the ground taxiing. Conclusion: Unidentified Object.”

Triangles 2011: Selected witness testimony continues with third quarter encounters

The following are selected triangle cases that were investigated by MUFON during the third quarter 2011. All cases were closed as Unknown UAV. Field Investigator notes – if available – follow the edited witness testimony.


July 3, 2011 – Orange County, CA. CE1, Category 2. Case 30861.

“While we were fishing at a local private lake my husband noticed an odd dimly lit triangle-shaped object coming our direction traveling in a southwest direction,” the reporting witness stated. “He turned to me and told me to look at it to make sure he was really seeing what we both believed to be a UFO. It was traveling at a steady pace at about 70-80 miles per hour at about one-quarter to one-half mile up. It was very clearly a triangle shape and had very defined points to it. We were both very baffled as to how something that shape could be flying in the night sky. The sky was free from clouds and it was very clear out. As it passed by it blocked the view of the stars, so we knew we were looking at a solid object. It was a very surreal feeling to be looking at this object. It kind of scared me a bit as well. Being a very logical person I was going through things it might be in my head as I was analyzing it as it flew over. There was nothing that I could logically say it resembled that I have ever seen and I have seen many TV programs about military aircrafts and prototypes and this looked nothing like anything I have ever seen in my life. I would say the size would be in proportion with a 747 jet. It had three very dim, square lights at each triangle point. The lights were a white glow similar to a florescent bulb and they were casting a glow in between each light showing the triangle shape. As it flew over we noticed that there was no sound whatsoever and as it passed us we could see the back of it as it glided over us. It was flying perfectly in a straight line and parallel to the sky. It never pivoted or veered off course. After it passed by we got a very good view of the back of the craft. It was a flat dark surface about 15 to 20 feet high. We continued to watch it until it was out of sight. I have to say that was a very eerie feeling and I will never forget what I saw that night.”

Field Investigator: “The witnesses were very observant and did a good job in providing a lot of evidence for this report.  This report fits the description of a typical Triangular craft seen by many witness before so I would say that it is an unknown flying craft since it could be extraterrestrial or one of ours.”

July 20, 2011 – Sacramento County, CA. FB1, Category 1. Case 30277.

“I was letting my dogs out on the porch when I noticed an extremely large, white, oddly-shaped aircraft above the trees across the street,” the witness stated. “The blinking lights first caught my attention. I immediately thought it was a UFO. It was flying from the north to south at a steady pace. I called for everyone inside to hurry outside to see what they thought it was. We lost sight of it when it appeared to make a left hand turn and started descending. It was an extra large, white, silent aircraft with huge triangular vertical wings on top with intermittent flashing blue lights and red lights on bottom.”

Field Investigator: “Although the witness is a 12-year-old child, he was very intelligent and clear in his responses to my questions.  I could not sense any fabrication or fantasy. His answers were clear and direct. When I asked him if he had ever seen anything like this object, he said no, and that it wasn’t any kind of aircraft that he’d ever seen before. He specifically described the object as being some kind of ship.  Given the information presented by the witness, I am classifying this case and an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.”

August 5, 2011 – Montgomery County, PA. CE1, Category 2. Case 30686.

“1) Driving on 422 east between Trooper and the Oaks Exits (directly across from the Christian Academy but on the Valley Forge side of the road.) 2) Unusual, never before spotted in that area. 3) From far away it looked like a radio tower, but there were three white lights and no red flashing light. 4) Twenty feet off ground, object did not move while I was watching. There were three white lights (not blinding, however, I could not see above the side of the UFO). 5) Called my friend who was following me to make sure she saw it too. She did and we both were in complete shock. She first thought it was a fighter jet, however, when we got closer there were no markings, no color, no amo and it did not move. 6) Continued to drive on 422.”

Field investigator: “Through several other independent sources we were able to collaborate the witnesses’ sighting.  We were able to triangulate the object and it was Unknown.”

August 5, 2011 – Chesterfield County, VA. CE1, Category 2. Case 30699.

“Was out on back deck on a smoke break,” the witness stated. “Was coming inside and caught a view of red lights in the shape of a triangle. Thought – how is that plane flying like that? More like floating or moving slowly, while keeping triangular shape. Seemed to turn slightly, slowly, changing shape. Then returning to triangle shape. Seemed to descend a little, noticeable cloudy substance appeared underneath which cast a shadow of what seemed to be a mass. Thought – what new stuff is the Air Force testing these days? Cool. Then it seemed to ascend a little and move behind the tree line towards the soccer fields.”

Field Investigator: “Salient feature of her observations was the fact that the object appeared to change shape as it turned. When questioned about the turn, she states that the object appeared to bank in the direction of the turn rather than turn on its axis. Most remarkable was the appearance of what she described as a cloudy substance that appeared under the object. She stated that it was not smoke, but it reflected from the object making it evident that it had mass. She offered that she did not know what plasma would look like, but it had that appearance. The witness appears truthful and bewildered by the experience. She tried to seek a logical explanation for what she was witnessing, e.g. airplane, helicopter, experimental aircraft, etc., but quickly realized that there was nothing she could compare the object to. Conclusion: Unidentified Aerial Vehicle.”

August 6, 2011 – Trumbull, OH. CE1, Category 2. Case 31000.

“I’ve been watching the skies for quite some time,” the witness stated. “Being an ex-military bomb tech whose primary job was to load the weapons on just about any military aircraft around, naturally I have a knack to look up at the skies. Well recently I have been noticing helicoptor-ish air craft in the air at night. Now not all nights, but most nights. Well I noticed that these certain aircraft would spend long amounts of time just hovering in one spot. I noticed they ‘flashed in a certain way’ and that their lights would completely change when another aircraft in the sky approached. Now where I live I am in quite an active air space as I am not far from a major airport. But it seems odd for these strange aircraft to just ‘hang around’. Not to mention it costs around $3,000 an hour to keep any type of aircraft like that in the air, let alone several. So naturally I assumed them to be government aircraft looking for marijuana growers. Well one night I was outside around 10 o’clock and I was bringing my dog in off the line when I stopped and noticed that there were three of these in the air that night. I noticed one beginning to travel to my left. Having been interested in these for quite some time I made the not-so-bright decision to flash my green led flashlight at it and it quickly vanished from sight. Shortly after the other two started to travel in opposite direction – one to the left (almost the same but not quite the same path as the previous) and one to the right. Within seconds I could hardly keep my eyes on both without turning my head from side to side. Then I began to have an interesting feeling, so I turned around and no more than 50 feet above my house was emerging a strange triangular aircraft. It was dull in color and seemed to have the front wing span flush with the front of the air craft. The wings had a red and blue light on the front outside edges. And in the very front there was a strange faint ‘tracing back and forth light’ in the very front right below what would have been the cockpit. All the while it never made a sound. I ran as fast as I could and got under the safety of my front door and out of the view of the strange craft. I immediately began to yell for my wife, who of course at the time heard nothing. After several seconds ‘which seemed like eternity’ of me yelling and noticing the craft was just hovering above the house, I made the decision to go get my wife. Better to have a witness, right? Upon getting her to the door, the craft had began moving again and was now about 100 feet away and headed out over the field behind our house. Shortly after it was joined by the other two and they all sailed out of sight. After five years in the military I have worked with all kinds of aircraft and all I can say is – well – let’s just say the next day my wife went out and bought a shot gun. They still appear quite regularly, nothing as close though, just waiting. The ball is in their court.”

August 8, 2011 – Alachua County, FL. CE1, Category 2. Case 30859.

“I was driving my truck down Hickery Hammock Road on my way home from work. A quarter mile from my street, I observed bright lights about a half of a mile ahead of me in the middle of the road. After getting closer it looked like a circus tent and upon getting closer the shape of a pyramid became more visible to me. They were shaped like three pyramids with mirrors and glowing lights outlining the objects. Two were hovering in the road about five feet above the road, and the third was hovering about 60 to 70 feet to the right above the power lines. My feelings during the encounter were at awe. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and tried to figure out what it could be in the middle of nowhere. I then texted friends and family and told them of my sighting; four of whom believe me . I then drew pictures of what I had seen. I lost sight of the objects when an oncoming car was coming toward me behind them. Before the car got too close to them, they vanished through thin air; like cutting off a light switch.”

Field Investigator: “Talking with witness, his testimony is consistent each time. I am closing this case as Unknown UAV.”

August 10, 2011 – Howard County, IN. AN1, Category 1. Case 30792.

“Traveling north on US 31 at southern edge of Kokomo when an object appearing to be on fire appeared in front of us just at treetop telephone pole level from the west,” the witness stated. “Others on 31 had to have seen it because everyone was hitting their brakes (10:30 p.m.) Not having any idea what it was, we followed it a short way through a subdivision.  It ascended into the sky to the east for at least a mile and poof it disappeared just as it had appeared.  When we got home 45 minutes later, two large jets flew very low over our home heading east. (Grissom AFB is nearby).  A friend told me they flew over again about 3:30 a.m. and woke her up.  The jets are very unusual any more since Grissom is no longer a regular AFB. Wish we’d taken photos with our cell phones, but did not have time.”

Field Investigator: “She stated that on a clear sky evening of Aug. 9, 2011, she and her grandson were driving north on State Road 31 when, on the south edge of Kokomo approaching the Kokomo Mall vicinity, they saw from their car window what appeared to be an object that they first believed to be burning because of the red-orange glowing color and because the outline of the object seemed ‘fuzzy’ around the edges.  She observed the object to be of a triangular shape about half the size of a car and that she, at first, thought it to be a piece of cardboard on fire.  However, upon further observation realized that the object was not burning. The object first appeared to the witnesses as ‘just out of the blue’.  The witness could not discern whether the object was under intelligent control or not.  After traveling horizontally northward along the treetops the witness said the object began to ascend upwards in an eastwardly direction to about a mile high before disappearing as suddenly as it had first appeared.  The witness believed the object was observed by others in vehicles in front of her as they were braking ahead of her vehicle.  When she arrived home, she observed jets flying out of Grissom in eastwardly direction towards the location she had observed the object.  Witness B, the grandson, is in agreement on all aspects of the reported sighting.  Because of several anomalies of the phenomenon witnessed, including the sudden appearance, the lack of sound, the overall red-orange glow, and the sudden ascension and subsequent and sudden disappearance of the object and, with lack of photos, video, or other physical evidence, I am determining the object observed to be an Unknown Ariel phenomenon of an MA1 classification status.”

August 17, 2011 – Atlantic County, NJ. CE1, Category 2. Case 31221.

“We were pulling a horse trailer west bound on I-80,” the reporting witness stated. “Saw what I thought was an airplane with its lights on flying very low and headed directly toward us. We were coming up a hill and the lights were about 1-2 miles in the distance and just above the hill we were climbing. It almost looked like a very bright street light right on top of the hill we were driving except it was too bright and a little too high to be a street light. As we got closer it became apparent that it was moving too slowly to be an airplane. As we got closer we saw that is was a large triangular-shaped craft drifting over the roadway from southwest toward northeast. It made no noise and it had two green, pulsating lights on either side that did not appear to be attached to the craft. The lights looked to be about 10 feet off to each side. It had bright lights pointing forward attached to the forward point of the triangle and lights along the back line of the triangle. I slowed down to about 5-10 mph and passed directly under the craft as it drifted over the road. I then pulled to the shoulder and watched it disappear behind the tree tops. It looked to be 200-300 feet high and became out of sight when it passed over the trees along the edge of the roadway. There were other vehicles on the road that had to see it, but we were the only ones to slow down and pull over to the side to get a better look.”

August 20, 2011 – Harris, TX. FB1, Category 1. Case 31087.

“On the night of Friday Aug,20,2011, as i was going to get something to eat at 9:00 at night. I left my house and drove east over the F.M.1960 bridge crossing over Lake Houston. As i entered the bridge i could see an object moving very slowly almost stationary over the east side of the bride. As i approached the object i could see (thru my sun roof)a triangular shaped craft illuminated by its 5 bright white lights. The object was almost directly over me at an altitude of around 500 feet. I could make out the outline of the craft by its lights illuminating the object. It seemed to be almost drifting towards the Northwest had no sound and was around 150 feet in diameter. After crossing the bridge and wanting another look at this strange object i did a u-turn and crossed the bridge again heading west. The object was moving North at this point and was around a mile away. I know other people must have seen the object as there were others crossing the bridge as well. Ive lived here for 3 years and seen thousands of planes fly over the Lake. This was not ur typical airplane and unlike anything i have ever seen.”

Field Investigator: “The craft that the witness selected from a group of experimental aircraft is the well known TR-3B. This experimental craft is a possible back engineered vehicle by the US government. As of this date the US Government has not released an official statement in regards to the TR-3B. On June 6, 2011, at 11:30 p.m. a witness in Ennis, TX, saw this same craft (See case 29484). On June 10, 2011, at 4:05 a.m. a witness identified the craft in Conroe, TX (See case 29476). Disposition:  This case will be cleared as an Unknown UAV.”

Part Two: 2011 triangle UFO investigations offer similar witness testimony from around country

The following are selected triangle cases that were investigated by MUFON during the second quarter 2011. All cases were closed as Unknown UAV. Field investigator notes follow the edited witness testimony.


April 4, 2011 – Tarrant County, TX. CE1, Category 2. Case 28545.

Witness sketch from Case 28545 that occurred in Tarrant County, TX, on April 4, 2011.

“I was letting my dog out in the yard and saw a triangular object moving very slowly to the northwest over my neighbor’s yard,” the witness stated.  “I was looking at mostly the underside of it and there were three white lights and one red light on the underside. The lights were what drew my attention to it. It was moving too slowly to be a plane, was only about 25 feet above the ground and I did not notice any noise. It was not particularly large, but I can’t estimate the size. I thought of the stealth bomber, since it was triangular, but it wasn’t big enough and was so close to the ground that I couldn’t believe that was what it was. I was quite frightened by it and made my dog come back in the house, closed the door and walked away from the door.”

Field Investigator: “Witness stated she was letting her dog out in the backyard when she noticed a green/gray triangular craft with dim, white lights on the tips of the craft and a red light in the center about 40 feet from her yard; stationary. The craft by her estimates was about 25 feet from the ground. Witness said she was frightened and retrieved her dog and went back into the house. Approximately 15 seconds elapsed.”

April 5, 2011 – Jackson County, MO. CE3, Category 2. Case 28549.

“I was awakened at 3:15 this morning by my German Sheppard who came to get me out of bed,” the witness stated. “She would not stop barking at something in the back yard. She wanted me to go to the back door. As I walked through the kitchen I stopped. I could see a whitish/bluish bright light coming in the window in the door and the back windows. I had never seen any lights like this and thought it must be a helicopter looking for someone. I did not hear any sound, though, and thought that was odd. I am a retired police officer and at that point, I felt uneasy, so I went back to the bedroom to get my gun, which is always loaded. I then went back to the kitchen and opened the back door. At that point the light just blinked out. I looked around the yard and looked up where the light was, and saw a very dark, dull black triangle shape above me. It had no lights on at that point. The object appeared to measure the width of my yard (50 feet) and just floated there, unmoving. I heard a noise towards the back fence and looked in that direction. Then I remembered my flashlight and went to get it from the kitchen drawer, when I heard a sound in the hallway behind me. It sounded like an animal of some sort (two clicks), so I shined the flashlight there for a few seconds but saw nothing. I then went back out to the back porch and shined the flashlight in the direction of the noise I heard outside and saw a very strange, short (approximately 4-foot-tall), gray, humanoid-looking creature with big eyes standing there looking at me for just a second or two. It just disappeared – it did not run. Then I looked up and the craft was also gone – I did not see it leave. I stood there, frozen in fear. My dog would not come outside, which is not normal behavior. I am hard to scare after 30 years on the police force. I have FBI training as well and I thought I’d seen everything, but this was not normal at all! My first instinct was to call 911 and I went to the phone, but after picking it up, I put it back down. I know everyone at the police department and even though we have received a few reports of UFOs in the past, I knew they would think I have lost my mind. But I haven’t. I know what I saw. I then locked the entire house up and went to the bedroom, not thinking about the noise I heard in the house before until this morning. My wife was sound asleep and I did not wake her, and I did not tell her about what happened. I thought I was gone only 10 -15 minutes, but my clock said 4:46 a.m. I don’t know what happened to the time! Now this morning I have a red sunburn on my face, neck, and arms like I stayed in the sun way too long. I told my wife that I saw a light outside and went to investigate because she is worried about the sunburn. I may go the doctor about it if it doesn’t go away, but won’t be able to tell him what I saw. I just had to tell someone that this is real and that I’m a 64-year-old believer now.”

Field Investigator: I asked the witness to keep in touch and call me if any new developments arose. I asked him to check the area where the entity was in the backyard and see if there was any evidence.  He stated that he is familiar with evidence collecting and would do so if he found anything.  He seemed very genuine and did not want any publicity.

April 20, 2011, 8:30 p.m., Santa Monica, CA  – CE1, Category 2. Case 28745.

Witness provided this illustrated scene as part of the investigation for Case 28745 that occurred in Santa Monica, CA, on April 20, 2011.

“Two triangle craft roughly the size of a private jet with three lights per craft,” the witness stated. “Each light at the tip of every point of the triangle. The craft shape was elongated, not symmetrical. Both craft were in Santa Monica, corner of 9th and Montana at 8:30 p.m. 20th April 2011, flying east away from Santa Monica beach toward downtown Los Angeles. They were silent and eerie to observe as the moon is fairly big and the sky wasn’t very dark. I got a good look at the two albeit a short amount of time. The crafts were clearly not the usual craft seen around the area, as there is an airport in Santa Monica. They were both flying at low altitude. They were not flying exactly side-by-side. The second craft was at 5 o’clock from the first, but the same speed. I would put the speed at roughly 50-60 mph.”

Field Investigator: “The witness states that he got a really good luck at these objects. They were headed from Santa Monica towards downtown LA (easterly direction). He immediately called a friend of his in Westwood. The friend called back approximately 10 minutes later and stated that he could see just one of the objects. The friend was in Westwood Park near the FBI building.”

April 26, 2011 – Anderson County, KY. CE2, Category 2. Case 32179.

“I and four other persons were taking a late night drive at about 12:30 a.m. out in the country,” the reporting witness stated. “We turned onto an outer city road and were only driving for about 10 minutes when we saw a blimp-like object about 200 yards to our left and about 500 yards in altitude. There was a single row of lights that went all around the object that stayed illuminated and were bright white. There was a flashing blue and white light atop of the object. We followed that object for about a mile. I was not driving at this point, so I continued to search the sky for other objects. The first object made no noise at all. The second object, I spotted first. It was a few miles away and was covered by a cloud. It appeared to have a bright white light that was pulsating. I could only see the lights behind the cloud which looked to be heat lightning. Then the object came from behind the clouds and I realized that what I thought was heat lightning was really the light on top of the object. We then turned right onto another country road and after following the two original objects for about 5 or 6 miles several of us spotted about 5 more aircraft surrounding us. We pulled over and got out of the car when the original UFO was coming directly towards us. When it was about 100 feet away from us and 100 feet in altitude it made the strongest winds I have ever felt in my life; strong enough to almost knock me on my feet. The noise emanating from the object was loud enough for me to cover my ears. It then went to directly overhead and we tried to videotape the object, but nothing showed up on the film. It sped off at speeds unimaginable. We then got back in the car and drove towards the other 6 or 7 objects that were still in the sky. I was driving at this point because the original driver wanted to try to film this on her phone. I felt compelled to follow the objects. Once we had been driving for about 15 more minutes, we pulled over again in an open area. When we got out of the car this time, we counted about 15 objects in about a mile radius around us. We again tried to document the objects but the audio was the only legible thing in the video. At this point we looked in the fields around us and spotted several (5 or 6) objects on the ground about a mile away. They were about 100 feet tall. They had rows of lights on them. The rows were vertical. The first row had red lights. The second had white. The third had a bluish light. They all flashed in sequence and were all perfectly similar with one another. The flashing also was in sequence with the white flash of the objects in the air. After standing outside for about 30 minutes, we got back into the vehicle to see if we could find a roadway that got us closer to the landed objects. When we began to drive again, every one of our phones died. Not at the same time, but in succession. Then it began to rain, but the rain was only falling on the driver’s side of the car. We followed the objects for another 30 minutes and saw several of them coming very close to our vehicle. We stopped in the middle of the road at some sort of country road intersection with a rundown convenience store. This time when we were out of the vehicle, one of the UFOs flew about 50 feet above our heads. This object was triangular in shape and about 100 feet in length. The object was solid with what looked like weird carvings that looked like some sort of circuitry. It reminded me of a computer chip. There was a bright white light on each corner of the triangle. It got directly above our heads, but this made a buzzing sound. When it was there, it hovered and ascended slightly at an angle and then its two back lights went out. It then elevated rapidly and then a red light appeared and the lights were flashing. At this point it looked like an ordinary airplane. There was a second one that came close to us at this point that was disc-like in shape. It came within a hundred yards of us and looked to be about 50 feet in diameter. It had a grayish-black color for the base of the aircraft. It seemed to spin as it moved away from us. This one also had a white pulsating light at the base and the top. The third object that we saw at this point was about 100 yards above us. It was trapezoid-like shaped and on the side of it, it had the same patterned row of lights as the aircraft we saw landed earlier. It, too, pulsated in sequence with the other objects that we could see in the distance in the sky. This object was about 150 feet in length. While this one was hovering about 100 yards above us and about 100 yards away, another one seemed to appear and disappear behind it. The one that appeared, appeared as an orb of some sort that looked to me as if it was caught on fire. I believed at this point, that it had malfunctioned and blown itself up because before it disappeared, it appeared to be descending rapidly. When the object that looked to be on fire disappeared, so did all of the others. That is how we lost sight of the objects. This time that we were out of our vehicles felt like it lasted 10 minutes, but I think it was really about 45 minutes. At this point, we were about 45 minutes to an hour away from Lawrenceburg, KY. On the drive back, we all felt very anxious, and for the first time since we saw the first object, frightened. It was about 4 in the morning at this time. On the drive back, we didn’t spot another object in the sky. At every time that we exited the vehicle to get a better look, there were no visible stars in the area directly above us. It was completely dark. The whole sighting was about three and-a-half hours long as I remember it now.”

Field Investigator: All of them tried to get pictures with their cell phones, but to no avail. After talking to three of the witnesses, both myself and the other field investigator concluded these three were telling us the truth and were not making up a hoax.

April 30, 2011 – New Hanover County, NC. CE1, Category 2. Case 28871.

“At 1:36 a.m. on 30 April 2011, my brother and I walked out on the back porch of our house to smoke a cigarette. When lighting my cigarette, I noticed that the birds were not chirping and there was no noise at all. When I turned my head to the right I noticed a sudden change in color on the ground and trees. Immediately after seeing this I see movement in my peripheral vision and looked up and saw an aircraft in the sky moving northeast; moving over the corner of the house. The air craft is very hard to describe in words. It had 5 circular lights that emitted the orange reddish glow that was in a V-shape pattern, but the craft itself was not exactly V-shaped. It had a long body that seemed to narrow at the front and expand to the rear and it was a blackish metal that had a slight shine to it. The way it moved it was gliding at a slow pace, then slowed a bit more to a near stop, then started moving in at an angle, but the lights of craft did not turn at all and continued moving. Upon seeing it, I thought I was seeing things and pulled my brother out away from the house for him to see it. When we both acknowledged it, it was close to being overhead by then. I felt a sudden fear I’ve never felt in my life come upon me and forced myself into the house. Coming in, we woke our father up and took him outside, but by that time it was gone. Minutes after, the birds started chirping again. Afterwards we both felt very tired and shocked. It was very hard to sleep after that for me.”

Field Investigator: From an earlier report: The witness reported a V-shaped object smoothly gliding under 1,000 feet at approximately 8:40 p.m. on 13 Oct 2010. The witness in that sighting made the following statement, “It seemed to be smoothly gliding like a B-2 stealth Bomber, it was flying slow (200 mph. approximately). It had large low glowing lights emitting a warm, not shiny light. It had no tail, cockpit, or visible engines. Just a thin black V.” The witness also said, “almost yellowish, these large circular lights gave me the feeling it was very advanced technology. Maybe electromagnetic capabilities.” My Conclusion: Many triangular UFO sightings are attributed to the V-shaped B-2 spirit. But with the slow speed and low altitude of the observed craft in my North Carolina case, I think we are dealing with something else. The Osprey and Joint Strike Fighter are military vehicles that can hover but these craft both make a lot of noise and no sound was reported from my case. We know that military training exercises were going on at the coast of North Carolina during April and May. I have another case from 30-Apr-2011 involving orange lights being observed over ocean. This sighting could be part of a military craft observed doing training exercises, but there is enough compelling evidence to list this sighting as an unknown.

May 31, 2011 – Dallas County, TX. CE1, Category 1. Case 29338

“This is the story as it was told to me by my daughter and her boyfriend and I can collaborate it as I was able to witness and hear the UFO as it sped away,” the reporting witness stated. “My daughter and her boyfriend had entered our neighborhood, which is densely populated with live oak trees, around 1 a.m. and noticed there was a stationary object with two lights hovering about 25 feet above the tree line at their 10 o’clock NE about three blocks away. Her boyfriend noticed that the top part of the object seemed translucent and it seemed as though he could see through it and bottom part was more opaque and solid. They turned left on the next street towards our house and my daughter kept the object in sight the entire time. Then they turned right onto the circle where we live. It is a keyhole circle surrounded by trees and we live at the end of it. They then parked the car and got out so they could get a better look. The craft at this time was about a block away and at their 1 o’clock SE still hovering above the tree line. At this point I got a phone call from my daughter telling me to come out immediately as there was a UFO. I ran out of the house and could hear a whirring noise above my head. I looked up and could see an object speeding ahead of me with lights blinking, and then disappearing behind the SW tree line in the distance. My daughter’s boyfriend looked up as the craft passed directly over his head. He said that after they parked the car and got out, the object moved to the 8 o’clock position, then made a right angle turn, then passed directly over our house and over their heads speeding out of sight behind the trees. My daughter’s boyfriends description of the under belly of the craft was as follows; he said it was as big as a house and was about 50 feet to 75 feet from the ground. It was triangular with rounded corners, like a billiard ball rack. It had two round, white lights, one at each end of the bottom of the triangle and one amber light at the top, was gunmetal in color and had an inverted rectangular tray shape inset within the triangle which had parallel lines. He also noticed the whirring noise as it passed over, but it didn’t seem to be an engine noise, but more like a wind noise passing over something. My husband also heard the whirring noise and felt the vibrations as it passed over the house. Nobody heard the noise until it was moving directly overhead. My daughter was not able to get a picture because she was busy calling me and her boyfriend’s phone died just as he tried to take a picture. This is the second time they have seen a triangular craft in our neighborhood. The first time was around the same time about 6 months ago, a few blocks further away and higher up. It also sped away in a southwesterly direction.”

Field Investigator: This investigator studied this case very thoroughly. The interviews with the witnesses’ exceeded two hours. The interview was extremely detailed to look for signs of a possible hoax. While there are a couple of small contradictions, the overall testimony of the two witnesses fit together very well. It is the opinion of this investigator that the daughter is a credible witness, that she is not perpetrating a hoax, and that she did see an object of some sort.

Next month we will examine selected Third Quarter 2011 triangle sightings.

MUFON CMS heats up on New Year’s Eve 2011

Holidays typically put more people outdoors and that translates to increased UFO sightings. New Year’s Eve 2011 was no exception and MUFON has received 52 cases to date.
Witnesses reported triangles, star-like objects, discs, fireballs, spheres and oval objects.
Looking only at the resolved cases, I offer up some selected witness testimony and field investigator notes this month from reports with a final determination of unknown.

Disc; Sacramento County, CA. CE1, Category 2. Case 34447.
“On the way to a New Years Eve party, a UFO descended to get closer to our car on E. Commerce Way approaching Del Paso Road,” the witness stated. “Was about to pull over, but parties in the car declined that idea. I was excited to see the UFO and disappointed we couldn’t pull over. When we drove away I couldn’t see it anymore.”

Field Investigator: A black flying object “shaped like the Jetson’s ship” approached the car, which was moving at about 30 mph, almost directly down from an altitude of 40-50 feet when first noticed, to an altitude of 15-20 feet at its closest approach. The object’s flat, circular base was about 6 feet in diameter, and the egg-shaped passenger area was about 4-5 feet tall. The object was black, with three green lights arranged in an equilateral triangle on the bottom surface of the object. The egg-shaped “passenger area” was also black. No occupants could be seen.

Triangle; Sonoma County, CA. CE1, Category 1. Case 35047.
“I looked up and was immediately intrigued by a larger triangle formation approximately 300 feet above ground,” the witness stated. “The lights (three of them) were bluish-white and had a strange glow to them. I knew immediately they were not stars and they were definitely not an airplane. There was no sound coming from the object at all. After staring in awe for approximately two minutes, one-by-one the lights disappeared.”

Fireball; 8 p.m., Brevard County, FL. AN1, Category 1. Case 34472.
“Myself (Ex law enforcement, military officer and current firefighter) and two other witnesses were sitting on the 8th floor balcony facing southeast of the Hampton Inn in Cocoa Beach. We were watching people shooting of fireworks and having fun before the New Year. Approximately 4 miles away in a south direction in the area of Patrick Air Force Base we observed a bright red/yellow light that appeared to look like a rocket shoot up from the area of the Ocean front (Atlantic). The object at first went up at a 45 degree angle heading west. At first we thought it might be a flair, but we noticed the object getting higher in altitude and gaining speed.”

Fireball; Lee County, FL. AN1, Category 1. Case 34486.
“I was outside my house watching the sky as I am an avid sky watcher,” the witness stated. “I viewed a bright orange light, approximately 2,500 feet above the ground moving in a straight line across the sky from the north toward me (south). It appeared to be moving slower than an airplane. Then seemed to appear to gain altitude and become smaller as it got closer to my house. There was no noise. I called my roommates out to view it. They also saw it. It continued to move southward, decreasing in size and then it disappeared.”

Field Investigator: Conclusion: Unknown. After researching the possibilities, I was not able to identify this as a manmade object or natural or meteorological phenomenon.

Fireball; 8:45 p.m., Bevard County, FL. AN1, Category 1. Case 34821.
“I was enjoying a backyard campfire with friends,” the witness stated. “The sky was very clear and we are in the flight pattern for a flight school in the area, so there are always small planes flying. On this particular night I had not seen any planes, which I assumed was because of the holiday. I was sitting facing south, when in the corner of my eye I saw movement in the sky. I turned to look and there was a bright orange fire ball moving steadily and silently across the sky in an arch. It had no trail, no sound, no edges, and no changes, but it was glowing. I watched it until it went out of sight into the tree line. I didn’t say anything to the friends I was with. I thought it was a Chinese/Japanese lantern made somewhat like a hot air balloon, as I have seen on TV. I continued on with my evening and about 45 minutes later it was back, going in the same path the opposite direction as before. This time I said something to the group, and we all agreed it look like a lantern. I am a firefighter who lives by the Kennedy Space Center and have never seen anything like this before.”

Field Investigator: Numerous reports of orange ball-shaped objects are recorded in the CMS and in NUFORC files for this date in Florida. Witness is clear, concise, and precise in her statements. I believe her to be sincere and truthful in her statements. Conclusion: Neither natural or manmade object.

Sphere; Baltimore County, MD. AN1, Category 1. Case 34478.
“When I turned to look, the three very bright yellow-orange objects began to move in sync traveling in a north to south direction,” the witness stated. “I quickly grabbed my HD camcorder and recorded this amazing event. After the three objects moved out of sight I turned off my camcorder. About three minutes later, another of the same objects came from the north, traveled in the same exact path and vanished. This happened two more times which I also caught on camera. We live in the Parkville, MD, area.”

Field Investigator: It may have been Chinese lanterns, but it seems odd that they split apart if you watch the video.

Fireball; 10:25 p.m., Monmouth County, NJ. AN2, Category 1. Case 34483.
“I noticed a red glowing light in the sky,” the witness stated. “It seemed very unusual because it was floating way too low to be a plane and was also much lower than I see helicopters typically fly in my area. I gave the object the benefit of the doubt thinking it may just be a helicopter coming at us from head-on. Yet as I continued to watch the object and as it got closer to us is when it became definitive that this object was flying way too low to be a helicopter. In addition to the low altitude this object was flying at, there were no FAA lights on the object and this object made absolutely no noise as it slowly made its way past us. It was just a glowing red orb. The object’s distance from us was about a block over and about 100 yards or so above the tree tops. The object flew in a north to south direction.”

Field Investigator: After talking to the witness and viewing the footage, I feel that there is enough evidence to classify this as unknown.

Oval; Charleston County, SC. AN1, Category 1. Case 34445.
“Observed two constant glowing, red spheres traveling in a west to east direction,” the witness stated. “Made no sound, had no flashing lights, had no green or white lights, just a steady red light. Objects were observed for about a minute until they went out of sight. Knew it was not a helicopter and never seen any type of aircraft like this.”

Field Investigator: The flight path became curved as if the lights were heading out over the ocean. The red from the light reflected on to what appeared to be two crafts, making each of the crafts to appear red. The witness stated there was not any sound associated with the objects.

Sphere; 11:30-11:34 p.m., Houston, Harris County, TX. AN1, Category 1. Case 34504.
“We were on the balcony patio of my apartment with a great view of the sky looking to the west from the southeast side of Houston in La Porte,” the witness stated. “It had 6-7 bright lights in the shape of a circle spinning around in all directions, not just from left to right. It also had a spotlight that seemed to extend about 20 feet out from it that would come on at random times. It was going all the way up to the fog and flying fast across the southeast area. The lights were changing from red, blue, green, gold and white.”

Field Investigator: The witness described the object as a circle of lights with different colors around it. He stated that the object would go around like a Ferris wheel, back and forth and moved very fast around the sky.

MUFON CMS: Triangle UFO Traffic Report

Triangle cases continue into 20112 with a slight uptick in reports that began about December 24, 2011, as we crossed into the New Year.

Following are selected new and as yet uninvestigated cases from CMS.

Triangle UFO follows Connecticut vehicle along rural Route 49 near Voluntown

DECEMBER 24, 2011 – Case 34656. A Connecticut witness traveling north on Route 49 through Voluntown and Sterling reports watching a blinking light that appeared to be moving low and fast, moved over the vehicle and followed it while shining a flood light down into the vehicle.

The witness was heading home from a family function on a clear night and driving through a rural farming area when the incident occurred.

“As I was driving I noticed what appeared to be an aircraft marker light that was blinking brilliant blue/white similar to a halogen light,” the witness stated. “It appeared to be flying low and fast. The light came out of the east just above the horizon and was moving west. It became brighter and changed to more like a flashing flood light when it got overhead. I looked west when it got overhead to see what it was. It did not continue west, but instead followed me overhead and was now lighting up the road around me.”

The witness reports the light being intense as the object kept pace with the vehicle.

“The flashing light was now so intense that it lit up the interior of my car as I had the roof window canopy opened with the glass closed. I slowed down. It kept pace with my car, extremely bright and flashing .”

The witness pulled over just long enough to open the sunroof.

“I immediately noticed that there was no noise. The light was blinding when I looked up at it. It was hovering overhead. “

The witness panicked.

“I closed the roof window and canopy. I locked my doors and drove off as fast as I could. I was in flight mode, in a cold sweat and focused on getting out of there. The flashing light kept pace overhead briefly. It then changed from a flood type light back to the initial blinking light that I had first noticed as it abruptly left me by turning quickly back to the east.”

The witness reviews the object’s movements.

“This light came out of the east traveling west and perpendicular to Route 49. When it got overhead it followed me north. When it left me it returned to the east. I have no knowledge of aircraft that are able to make what appeared to me to be 90-degree turns or that can slow so fast and then hover silently. The light was silent and changed to more of a flashing flood light while overhead. I did not see any features of a craft during the whole incident which lasted only a couple of minutes.”

The witness reports that there were no other vehicles on the roadway at that time.

Utah UFOs appear as ‘small orange triangles’ near Highland


DECEMBER 24, 2011, Case 34335A Utah couple near Highland report watching and photographing “small orange triangles and large, bright, white oval objects” in the sky, according to recent testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The couple spotted the objects and stopped their car to observe better.

“We both got out of the car and observed three, orange objects that at first looked like an orb, but as they flew closer to us, that were shaped like a small triangle, no larger than five feet in diameter,” the reporting witness stated.

The objects appeared to be coming from the north and moving south at different altitudes ranging from 100 to 500 feet off of the ground. Then they saw more objects approaching.

“As we turned to get back in the car we saw two very bright lights, in a South-South East direction. They were further off, more than a mile.”

The couple then drove to a nearby park for a better view.

“When we got out of the car there we took a few more pictures of them. They were both stationary for more than two minutes, then one began to move around, then moved away from the stationary one toward the north. They were oval and a very bright, white light.” 

They then drove to their own neighborhood which is at a higher elevation.

“We went to our neighbor’s home and told them about it. They wanted to see them, so both of our families got in our cars and drove over to the neighboring golf course to see them. They were still there.”

The witness summarized the events.

“In all we saw four bright, white objects, moving around a stationary object that was on the top of the mountain on the other side of the valley. We observed them for over 15 minutes, taking a two-minute video as well. During that time we could see airplanes coming into the SLC airport, and these lights were much brighter than them, larger, and made no noise. Within five minutes after leaving the gold course we heard two helicopters fly by; very unusual at night here, especially Christmas Eve night.”

The witness followed-up on the observation.

“I went back tonight to confirm that the stationary light is in fact something on the top of the mountain over Saratoga Springs, though we do not know why the objects were flying around it. The still picture taken in Highland gives a very clear observation of their shape. And the video shows their movement, the extreme brightness when they would first appear, and the random flashes, as well as the methodical less bright flashing.”

The video can be seen on this page or downloaded directly from MUFON. The MUFON report was filed on December 27, 2011. The events occurred on December 24, 2011. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Highland is in Utah County, UT, population 15,523, and is about 30 miles from Salt Lake City. In addition to the photo on this page, the witness also provided a map of the area.

Silent triangle UFO shines spotlight on California witness

DECEMBER 28, 2011, Case 34367 – A California witness pulled over to get a better look at a silent, triangle-shaped object that was circling a farming area and shining a spotlight to the ground on December 28, 2011.

While the town is not named in the public portion of the report, the witness reports driving “from the 67 to San Vincente Road at 10:30 p.m. and noticed the lights at the 67 and Dye Road intersection.

The witness noticed that the object appeared to be circling and described it.

“Object was triangular with one red and one green light in the rear and one white light/spotlight in the front,” the witness stated. “It circled over a farming area multiple times while I was driving through the area. The object was completely silent and after I stopped my car to watch it further, as it passed above me, it shone its spotlight at my car.”

The witness became frightened and called a friend.

“I was frightened after the light shone into my car and drove away while on the phone. I looked in my rearview mirrors, but could no longer see the object.”

The witness included a map of the area where the sighting occurred, an illustration of the object before the spotlight went on, and a second illustration of the object with the spotlight

Pennsylvania witness wonders if low flying UFO was government built

JANUARY 3, 2012, Case 34591A Pennsylvania witness driving south on Route 232 between Southampton and Rockledge reports being unable to identify a triangle-shaped object moving about 1,500 feet overhead with a low engine noise at about 50 mph on January 3, 2011, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness first observed a bright, white light in the southwest sky that appeared to be brighter than a star or satellite. But as the witness crossed over Philmont Avenue, the object moved closer.

“Within 45 seconds I noticed five bright, white lights in a straight line just above the tree line and approaching me.”

The witness pulled over for a better look.

“I observed these bright lights as it flew directly over me. It was a clear night and what I saw was a triangular-shaped craft with a red and green light in the front center of the craft. Also were two sets of bright, white lights on what appeared to be its wings. It was about 500 yards directly above me. It sounded like a low engine noise and was flying at about 50 mph.”

The witness wonders if the object was possibly a government plane.

“However, I have lived within three miles of Willow Grove Air base for 36 years and never seen anything like that nor was this a normal flight path for aircraft. I’m not sure what it was, but I was excited to see it. I tried to get a picture of it with my phone, but I was to fixated on the object. I eventually lost sight of it as it passed over the tree line.”

Maryland couple report silent, low flying triangle

JANUARY 4, 2012, Case 34585A Maryland couple outside watching a meteor shower on January 4, 2012, report watching a silent, low-flying, triangle UFO with five dim, orange lights move overhead that was visible for 20 seconds, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

“This craft made absolutely no sound,” the reporting witness stated. “It was dead quiet outside and we heard nothing as this craft went by. We observed the craft for about 20 seconds as it traveled southeast until it was out of sight. Both of our reactions were we felt like it was not something of human origin. I was in almost total shock when we came back in the house, shocked that I saw something like this so close.”

Low flying triangle UFO over Georgia reported with no lights

JANUARY 4, 2012, Case 34586 – A Georgia couple outside at 2:30 a.m. on January 4, 2012, waiting for a meteor shower to begin, report watching a low-flying and silent triangle-shaped object move overhead with no lights, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Like other triangle reports, this case happened quickly and left the witnesses wondering.

“There were three white, round shapes at each point of the triangle,” the reporting witness stated. “It moved extremely fast. When we first saw it coming toward us we thought it may have been a meteor, or maybe a flock of birds until it was directly over our heads. The object flew in a straight line. When we realized it was not birds or a meteor, we were stunned. It left us scratching our heads as to what we had just witnessed. We lost sight of the object as it flew south past the tall trees.”

Also on January 4, 2012, two Georgia siblings were driving along a highway when they noticed something odd in the sky in Case 34597.

“It was beautiful and flashed a white light, pulsated for a quick second, slowly hovered to my right and then disappeared,” the reporting witness stated. “It was my first sighting, and even though it was not that crazy of one, it left me in awe.”

Pennsylvania triangle UFO: Witness oddly not cold in 15 degrees

JANUARY 4, 2012, Case 34605A Pennsylvania witness reports watching a triangle-shaped object with a “low airplane sound” that dropped to within 10 feet of a neighbor’s rooftop at 4:39 a.m. on January 4, 2012, and quickly disappeared from view, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness oddly reports that while the outside temperature was 15 degrees, it felt strangely warm during the sighting despite having no hat or gloves on.

The witness originally stepped outside in search of a neighbor who he had planned an early morning hunting trip with. The witness realized the low temperature, but felt warm – and then the object was first noticed.

“I noticed lights appearing from up the street approaching from behind the houses on my side of the street,” the witness stated. “As the lights were getting closer, I noticed the craft was descending. At the first instant, I thought it was a plane, but I realized I didn’t hear any noise – so I figured the engines did not work and it was about to crash. But as soon as it got directly across the street from my house, I heard a low airplane sound normally like you’ll hear when they’re real high. But this thing was just above roof about 10 feet.”

The witness described the craft.

“There was a white light in front like it would have been landing gear lights or something. Then it was two white wing lights – one on each side. I didn’t really focus on the look of the object because, like I said, I thought it was a plane about to crash.”

The witness thought the object was going to crash and walked out into the street and moved toward the object – but at the top of the street he realized the object was gone. But the witness was somewhat disoriented.

“Now I was standing in the middle of Lancaster Avenue. That’s a busy street and when I walked in the street I was so fixated on trying to relocate the object I didn’t even look for cars coming. I just walked in the street looking up and around. Now the strangest thing was that I stayed outside on the steps so I could tell my friend what I saw and I was outside until 5:30 a.m. Now I was outside in 15 degree weather with no hat or gloves on and I was not cold. I get cold very easily and I was out there for an hour and it didn’t bother me.”

The witness speculates.

“There’s no reason for military flights to be flying over my neighborhood. And also it was traveling so slow that if it was a plane with no engine running, it would have dropped out the sky like a rock. The person I was going hunting with was awake and he didn’t hear anything – so if it was a plane or helicopter, he would have heard it.”

Two triangle UFOs cross low over Connecticut’s Route 85

JANUARY 5, 2012, Case 34640 – A Connecticut witness traveling eastbound along Route 85 at 8:10 p.m. on January 5, 2012, reports watching two silent, triangle-shaped objects just 100 feet over the tree tops cross over the roadway.

“I saw a three-light, tipped triangle cross the road over the tree tops,” the witness stated. “I was on the phone with my mother at the time, and stated that I saw some weird lights. It was enormous, easily larger than a commercial, large passenger air craft if it was within 100 feet of the tree tops.”

The witness described the object.

“There were no visible lights other than the three bright, white exterior lights on each of the three tips of the triangle. You could not see through the object and the sky was clear.”

Just a few seconds later, a second, identical craft moved over the roadway.

“If I was eastbound on 85, both passed me going left to right. At the time I saw the second light, I was literally so blown away I was yelling into the phone. I got off the phone and by the time I got to my home, with wide open sky, I could see nothing. As stated before, the triangles both were enormous and identical, no blinking lights, no sound. As I saw the second triangle, I rolled down my window. If it were commercial aircraft, it would have been so close and so low there would have to have been audible noise. It was completely silent outside, save the noise of my vehicle on the road.”

Video: Light from triangle UFO awakens Georgia witness

JANARY 5, 2012; Case 34658 – A Georgia witness noticed a bright light coming through the bedroom blinds and reports watching and then videotaping a silent, triangle-shaped object with bright lights at the three corners and a red light underneath as it moved along a nearby tree line.

The witness opened the window blinds when the lights were seen.

“I opened them to see what was so bright, and then I saw three bright, white lights forming a perfect triangle with a dull red, pulsating light in the center of the object,” the witness stated. “I got very excited, and had the mind set to grab my camera, which has a video recorder, opened my back door and started shooting the video.”

The witness described the object and its movement.

Video: Disc UFO caught on camera over Illinois

JANUARY 5, 2012; Case 34655 – An Illinois witness videotaping the sky on January 5, 2012, reports also photographing a disc or oval-shaped object.

“I was filming a heavy spraying of ‘chemtrails’ starting earlier 8ish yesterday, when all of the sudden I spotted a disk or oval-shaped craft flying alongside one of the ‘chemtrails’”, the witness stated. “As I try to zoom in, the auto focus of my camera made me lose track of the object.”

Triangles 2011: Four-part series

In 2011’s first quarter MUFON field investigators ruled 16 triangle UFO cases as “Unknown UAV” designations – meaning there was enough witness testimony or related evidence to suggest the sighting was not something man made or a natural phenomena. These 16 reports emerged from 12 states – an average of one case every five and-a-half days – with a high percentage playing out in the Eastern U.S. after dark.

Most witnesses got an up-close look at the object, testified that it moved in ways known aircraft cannot, and of particular interest was the object’s silence. In three cases there was mention of military aircraft during the event.

The story of unknown triangles in 2011 is a four-part series – where we will walk the reader through three months of case testimony in each part. Our story begins at 8:40 p.m. on January 1, 2011, at Port St. Lucie, FL, where family and friends are standing around a backyard fire unaware they are the first U.S. witnesses of the New Year to the triangle phenomena.

January 1, 2011, 8:40 p.m.  – Port St. Lucie, FL. FB1, Category 1. Case 27197.

“My family and I and a couple of friends were over for a small fire and talking in backyard,” the witness stated. “I leaned back in chair and looked up at the sky when I saw what I thought to be just a satellite shooting across night sky. After closer examination I noticed object was closer than that of a satellite. It was a dark, ‘shadowy’ like, rounded, triangular-shape with pinkish-orange aura around it. It was traveling at what I figured to be a high rate of speed south to north direction in Port St. Lucie, Fl. The entire incident lasted only 10 to 15 seconds.”

Field Investigator:  “The craft was triangular with some depth to it and edges were rounded. The interior of the triangle was shadowy, like it was being masked. The edges glowed pinkish- orange like it was being indirectly lit. There were no points of light. There was no noise. It appeared to be the size of a jet that he often sees going overhead, but much higher, therefore bigger. He estimates it could be 10,000 feet in altitude. It was the size of a tic-tac at arm’s length.”

January 4, 2011, 2:45 a.m.  – Knox County, IN. MA2, Category 2. Case 27338.

“As I turned back towards the west, I noticed a narrow line of clouds, extending back to the SSW, and a dark, angular object, slowly coming out of the clouds,” the witness stated. “As I watched, it became more visible, and had two bright, white lights on the bottom in front, and multiple dimmer lights further back. Then, from directly below the object, a spotlight shined straight up from the ground, at the object, and it made an immediate and very fluid turn to its left, 180 degrees and went back into the clouds. I was given a full view of the entire bottom of the object, against the white cloud, which was illuminated by the lights of the town. It was approximately one-quarter mile away, or 6-7 city blocks, dark-colored, and triangular, with the points of the triangle squared off. There were two bright lights on each point, on either side, with a dimmer, hazy ring of about 12-15 lights around the center. The turn this thing made was impossibly tight and fluid and it quickly disappeared back into the cloud and out of sight. There was no sound at all while this event occurred.”

Field Investigator: “Unusual that the spotlight came from ground. A local policeman said it could have been police, but that could not be confirmed. Other triangles have been reported here over past years.”

January 5, 2011 – Orange County, NY. MA1, Category 1. Case 27264.

“I feel and hear the humming sound go over my head heading east,” the witness stated. “I’m boggled. Visiting girl suggests fighter planes, then I don’t buy it. Run to front window (still humming noise loudly) and catch grayscale ship coloring underneath, white lighting on edges in 3-4 spots, solid and blinking, no other colors. Though Star Trek Enterprise with the main part only, but a couple hundred feet wide – that’s all. Huge though. Large craft approx 150-250 feet wide if I had to guess, floated over my house heading northeast, low altitude, 1,000 feet maybe? At the highest. Then raised a little higher, made a swooping sideways left turn. Could tell it was round or square shape, and headed north over the ridge out of sight.”

Field Investigator: “Possibly a hoax.”

January 13, 2011, 6:30 a.m. – Wood County, OH. FB1, Category 1. Case 27386.

 “Since we live near Metcalf Airfield, thought it was just another private plane coming in for a landing,” the witness stated. “As it came closer, it looked too large to be an airplane and it looked to be triangular, with white lights all around it. Then at one time as I watched it, the lights went out and red lights came on for a few seconds, then they went out and white lights came on again. I didn’t hear any sound. I watched it until it passed over our house and headed south, but did not see it overhead to get a better description, since it was too cold to go outside and observe.”

Field Investigator – phone interview summary: “Size guesstimated at 30 feet-plus, corner to corner, looked larger than a standard single engine airplane.  Height slightly higher than airplanes landing at KTDZ, probably in the 1,000 to 2,000-feet range.  Speed it was traveling was similar to that of a light airplane (just sort of ‘cruising’ or ‘gliding’ along).  Lights were all the way around the perimeter, ‘globe’ like, much larger than airplane landing lights. Four or five on each edge. Where solid white when first glimpsed, then went dark, quickly followed by turning red.  Then, the white came back on to have both red and white on.  Red were smaller lights.”

January 17, 2011, 6:50 p.m.  – Sarasota County, FL. MA1, Category 1. Case 27443.

“I saw a slow moving triangular-shaped object with a red light at each point moving south in the sky,” the witness stated. “It was big, twice the size of a jetliner. I know what I saw. It freaked me out a little. It looked just like the descriptions of other red triangles. Also there was no sound; none at all.”

Field Investigator: “It is unclear if the lights were of a single object or three objects in geometric formation. The object consisted of three reddish-orange lights in an acute triangle shape/formation. Heading of the object was from north to south at an estimated altitude of a thousand feet. The object in mid flight banked and changed direction to the east for a brief moment then continued south. The witness made reference to an article written about the sighting from another reporting UFO network which included a Youtube video. The witness stated the object is exactly what he saw.”

January 22, 2011 – Kentucky. CE1, Category 2. Case 27798.

Witness image from Kentucky Case 27798 from January 22, 2011.

“We saw a large, bright light and stopped our vehicle as the light seemed to be low to the ground, hovering above a home,” the witness stated. “When we stopped, the light moved rapidly back and forth and went straight above (large distance) the home. We had a camera and began attempting to take pictures. When taking pictures, we noticed the object to come closer to us. There was a large triangular shape silhouetted in the moon light, at least three lights surrounding the object. The object seemed far away, then zooming quickly to a distance half of initial proximity. The object then moved quickly off to the side and out of sight. We drove less than an eighth of a mile and saw another triangular-shaped, lit object; again flying/hovering lower to the ground. We stopped the car again and began videotaping the event. At that time, both triangular-shaped objects came into view and began zigzagging across the sky above and around the car. This went on for approximately 10 minutes. The lights disappeared. We drove for another 2-3 minutes and came upon the shapes again. Video and pictures were taken. In many of the pictures, nothing showed up , though was quite visible in the full moon light/reflective snow. The pictures that did develop were of orb-like, yellow/red/white lights that were similar to arcing electricity. We followed the lights for approximately five miles and the lights disappeared.”

Field Investigator: “This investigator finds both witnesses highly credible and believes that this did take place as both witnesses stated.”

January 26, 2011, 9 p.m.  – Reno County, KS. FB1, Category 1. Case 27769.

“An object flew directly over my head,” the witness stated. “It was totally silent – no noise at all. It looked to be very large, 200 to 300 feet across. But also looked like it was flying low or the size of it made it seem that way. It was triangle/boomerang shaped and the bottom was covered in dimly lit lights that looked a dull reddish color. It was flying at a north to northwest direction. I was only able to watch it for a few seconds – 6-8 seconds.”

February 3, 2011, 9:30 p.m.  – Galva, Henry County, IL.  FB1, Category 1. Case 27638.

Witness illustration of what the object’s looked like from Illinois Case 27638 from February 3, 2011.

“As I looked north I noticed a triangle shape or formation heading south,” the witness stated. “The approximate altitude was around 1,500 to 2,00O feet. All I saw was three dull amber lights moving together. As the triangle banked to its right based on relative flight path, two of the lights seemed to come closer together. Then it disappeared. Flight speed would be equal to or greater than an F-16 moving at supersonic speeds. There was no sound. No strobe light. No red and green lights for right away flight. I have flown Cessna’s and this was not an aircraft. “

February 10, 2011 – Elkhart County, IN. FB1, Category 1. Case 28667.

“I slowed down to look closer and realized that there were three lights forming a triangle and they were slowly moving north,” the witness stated. “My second thought was that they were fire kites.  By this time, the lights were almost overhead, but off to my left. Then I noticed another set of lights directly behind the first and in the exact same triangle formation. The lights appeared to be 300 to 400 feet in the air and the shape they made about 100 feet long and 35-40 feet across at the back (base) of the triangle. I pulled to the shoulder of the street and rolled down my window, but could not hear anything. I decided to move up to a parking lot and get out. As I turned into the parking lot, I noticed a third set of lights directly behind the second – the same size and shape and moving in the same direction. I have never seen fire kites maintain such a tight formation and move at exactly the same speed. From my truck, I saw all three lights from almost head on. The triangle form was very clear.”

Field Investigator: “The video is unusual and shows lights bright enough to be imaged by a cell phone in a bright street corner environment where no stars could be imaged. There were two other persons who witnessed the event – one which gave us a statement that the video showed what she saw that night.  Two experienced former military persons agree to the authenticity of what the video shows and its unknown nature.”

February 22, 2011, 12:30 p.m.  – Northumberland County, PA. CE1, Category 2. Case 27975.

“I went back out at 12:30 and the orb was gone,” the witness stated. “In its place there were two sets of three lights in the shape of triangles, with planes flying at them. By this time, my mind was exhausted, and I just couldn’t comprehend anything else, so I came inside and tried to go to bed. Wednesday morning I found out that my father had also seen strange orbs in the woods by the creek on his property earlier that night, around 8 o’clock. He said they looked like lanterns, but were sporadic and would disappear after a few seconds. I am not sure that they are related, but he lives about 25 minutes from me, and it is very odd that we both saw similar phenomenon on the same night after almost two years of not seeing anything else substantial.”

Field Investigator: “April 9, 2011, FAA stated no records indicate aircraft in the area for the date and time in question. April 10, 2011, contacted witness for status report – the situation is ongoing and objects can be seen in the sky on any clear night. April 14, 2011 – NORAD reported no aircraft in the area at time of sighting.

March 2, 2011 – Coleman County, TX. FB2, Category 2. Case 28070.

“Large well lit craft with three huge lights appeared at a very low altitude and banked hard and lights went out,” the witness stated. “A dozen very light blue lights moved about the area and circled my location flashing very quickly in a random pattern but never going too far from my location. Large craft first spotted reappeared at times just above the tree line to the west. Then lights again went out. Blue lights flew directly over my location and what seemed like a small craft revealed they were a very large craft with almost no lights on and the only one on was on the very edge of the huge craft. The craft was at least a city block long and holding a tight but slow circular pattern around my location. The large craft appeared close and higher above the tree line. One light disappeared as it rotated out of view and another came on large and bright in the center of the craft. I thought the object was going to pass right over me, but it backed away instead and the lights went out again. I could hear the roar of a jet approaching. I saw its lights as it passed overhead. All activity ceased, but started back up not three minutes after the jet left the area. The large craft reappeared, two lights showing, and looked again as if it was going to pass right over me. Once again the lights went out and I could hear the roar of a jet approaching the area again. I saw the jet streak through the area and the activity stopped again. I left the area and saw a large, bright object high in the sky. It was located directly over a rural home. I could see folks standing on the front porch and vehicle parking lights on. I stopped to get a picture of the object above the house. It began moving away and I could easily see it had triangular lights on the bottom, but my pictures didn’t come out as good as they should have of this slow moving craft.”

March 7, 2011, 8:30 p.m.  – Macks Creek, Camden County, MO. CE1, Category 1. Case 28153.

“Looked up at the sky through the trees and I could see three lights in a triangle shape about 10 feet apart where there are normally no lights at all,” the witness stated. “The lights always had two lights going at the same time in alternating patterns. All three lights were stationary. Lighting resembled flare guns. That’s what it looked like at first. At this time, I ran and got my girlfriend and the rest is what we witnessed together. The three lights bounced around in the sky for several minutes. Then in the opposite direction an airplane comes flying in. And the three lights disappeared.  When the plane was totally gone, the sky was totally black. Then out of nowhere, straight ahead of us, in a clearing less than a quarter mile away, a mile in the air, was a row of 50 lights side-by-side the size of a Walmart super center.  No sound. No pressure. Nothing. All you could make out was the very, very bright lights.  It was so dark we couldn’t make out any shape to the craft. Then slowly it went up into the clouds. Then approximately 30 minutes later we heard fighter jets flying over. “

Field investigator:  The row of 50 lights took up a length of a bus. At arm’s length, it would take a hand to cover up the triangle. Could not see outline of the shapes. Overcast no clouds. Distance from him was less than a mile away, probably a quarter mile. No sound. No barking dogs, no wind, no insects or other sounds, as if everything stood still. His Mom saw the three lights on their property, but did not see the 50 after she went inside. He thought it was a fire in the sky like flare guns – they would light up, and then dissipate. The lights stayed stationary until he got his girlfriend, and then got his Mom. They were at tree level, heavily wooded area, behind trees, and possibly down too. Then saw another light to the south – it was a plane and they could hear it as it flew overhead and right over the three lights. They saw the three lights go dark, and then after the small plane flew over and away, the lights went on again. The lights went below the trees. They walked closer to them to see better. Looked to the right where the power company cleared trees away, for 60 yards lights zigzagged around – 50 lights came down from the clouds, then back up into the clouds. Called everyone he knew in the area to see if anyone else could see them, but no one was outside.”

March 17, 2011 – Maricopa County, AZ. FB1, Category 1. Case 28269.

“Right around 56th Avenue and Northern Glendale, AZ, 85301, sometime between 7:15 and 7:30 p.m. Arizona time, I looked out of my driver’s side window and noticed a triangle-shaped craft, flying at fairly low altitude, much lower than I have seen planes normally fly,” the witness stated. “It had two bright, white lights positioned at each end of the back end and what looked like a red flashing light between them near the bottom of the craft.”

Field investigator:  “The craft was heading south and moved steadily and quickly.  His girlfriend, Witness B, hardly caught a look.  In total his sighting was a minute long and her sighting lasted just a few seconds.  The craft was first spotted north of them but it was heading south right over their car.  It was perhaps a few thousand feet overhead but ‘it looked way bigger than any charter plane one would see flying over head.’  From the witnesses’ perspective, it looked as large as a kite.  While it was moving fast, it made no sound.  Witness A admits that it bore a little resemblance to an F-16 fighter jet, yet the lack of sound was ‘strange and cool.’  They saw nothing on the front of the craft – only a dim glow under it and the lights in the back of it.”

March 18, 2011, 7:30 p.m.  – Pima County, AZ. FB1, Category 1. Case 28295.

“Due to tonight being a full moon, and as the object came closer to the moon itself, the moon light reflected off of a triangle-shaped ‘craft’, the witness stated. “The wind at the time was coming from the west at a breeze, yet the object traveled unhindered by the wind, in a straight path, south to north. It is hard to exactly describe the way the light was reflecting off of the object, it was distorted and mirage-like, but the shape of a triangle was clearly visible in this small window of time viewed. As the object came closer to the moon, I could see what looked like miraged orbs along the outside of the triangle shape, wavy, much like the lights in a swimming pool, with fluxing movement. As the object passed the moon, all reflection was lost and the object vanished into the sky. It was as if a trick was played on my eyes when it appeared and when it vanished. The event itself lasted no longer than 5 to 7 seconds. The object made zero sound, not a hum, not a buzz, nothing. This, along with the speed at which it was moving was the most disturbing part of this whole event to me. I cannot gauge how high the craft was, but it was most certainly not at the altitude of commercial aircraft, but more around the altitude of aircraft circling in before landing. The object was at approximately 70-80 degrees overhead. I live right outside Davis-Monthan AFB, I was enlisted in the AZ Air National Guard for six years, and I grew up on the southside of Tucson, where the Tucson International Airport is located, so I know what a plane and fighter jet looks and sounds like. The speed at which this object was moving is about equal to one of our ANG F-16s taking off at full afterburner, which I have seen more times than I can remember. Had it not been for the light of the full moon, I would not have seen this object.”

Field Investigators:  “The object’s elevation was similar to the A-10s in their normal flight path over Tucson. It appeared silver-white due to reflection of moonlight. The reflected light was as bright as the moon. Object appeared solid, with fuzzy and with indistinct edges, yet transparent. Object appeared to be moving through a liquid-like water. The moon reflected off the object’s edges like ripples and what appeared to be semi-transparent balls or balloons along each leading edge. The balloon-like surfaces appeared to ripple. And it seemed like he was looking through water. I know that is a puzzling description.  He was puzzled too.”

March 23, 2011, 9 p.m.  – Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, FL. FB1, Category 1. Case 28378.

“Three of us saw a craft with four star-like lights traveling from south to north from Broward County over Palm Beach County and out of sight,” the witness stated. “The whole sighting was no more or less than 10 seconds. The three of us saw a craft that had no blinking lights, no wings and no other discernible features other than three lights in the form of a triangle with one other light directly in front of the top light in the triangle. Picture a triangle and then draw a straight line from the top of that triangle. The body of the craft essentially had the same color and looked like the rest of the night sky. It was traveling at a high rate of speed and made no sounds. It was nothing that any of the three of us had ever seen before.”

Field Investigator: “Witness and his friends were in the parking lot after playing softball. The parking lot was considerably darker than the stadium.  They saw the lights which were much higher than a plane from the Executive Airport would have been. Witness did not see any craft.  He said that it must have been the same color as the sky, which was grayish-black at 9 p.m.  He saw the three lights which formed a triangle with the fourth light over the top. The object flew at 4 to 5 times the speed of an aircraft and disappeared over the horizon to the west.”

March 27, 2011 – Ogemaw County, MI. MA1, Category 1. Case 28421.

“There were three triangular-shaped objects with circular patterns on each of the corners,” the witness stated. “They were flying in circular motions. It was then that I realized I was seeing something abnormal. I ran in the house to get my girlfriend so she could see. When we returned outside, two of the objects were gone and one was still there, hovering in the sky. About a minute later a jet, traveling at a very high rate of speed, approached the object and the object just vanished. The jet then circled around the area for about five minutes afterwards and left the area.”

UFO Cases of Interest: 2019 Edition

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) had 7,665 case reports in 2018. That’s more than 600 reports a month. And 5,160 were in the United States.

The Cases of Interest Team waited the allowed 90 investigation-days and reviewed only closed cases with one of three designations: Unknown Aerial Object, Unknown-Other, or Information Only. The first two classifications are the best reports – but we added Information Only cases because many of these include important information for further study.

Only cases that occurred in 2018 were reviewed. We had a long list of criteria for choosing cases. Especially liked cases under 100 feet from the witness; or under 500 feet, where the witness got a good look at the object. We liked two or more witnesses. We liked object details and a witness’s background.

The team weeded through 1,895 cases and chose 297 this year. The resulting data collected supports many long-known UFO trends. The object remains mostly silent, moves through space, air and water without resistance, can hover in place, stop on a dime, travel great distances in a short time, and can be one of a wide range of sizes and shapes. They tend to move about in groups of two or more. Few location patterns are known as sightings seem to occur at random, lasting two to three minutes. Exit patterns continue to vary from slowly moving away until the witness’s view is obscured, to the object zooming away and disappearing into space in a matter of seconds.

The following are 2018 database patterns from these 297 cases.

How close did our witnesses get to the objects? The group revealed 63 cases under 100 feet distant (or 21 percent); 87 cases under 500 feet (29 percent); and 53 cases under 1,000 feet (17 percent). Our witnesses were watching the objects at or under 1,000 feet in 67 percent of the cases.

Some of the statistics are big numbers. Our witnesses told us the objects hovered in 85 cases or 28.6 percent of the time: A very common thread. In 86 cases, or nearly 29 percent of the time, the witness was either driving a vehicle or riding as a passenger when the event occurred. In 84 cases, the witness described seeing a triangle shape – the largest shape selection this year.

Other stats are small numbers but reveal recurring trends over the years. In three cases, or just 1 percent of the time, witnesses said the objects chased them.

Now we know there’s no known epidemic of UFOs chasing humans. But were these witnesses bothered by the experience? Simply by being close to a UFO or watching one at a distance?

When we asked about physical effects – our witnesses made 24 observations from 14 different cases – just less than 5 percent of the cases – describing: Calm and restraint, disorientation, dizziness. Thought of the idea they should not take a picture. Their ears rang, eyes felt hurt or irritated. Had a feeling the entity was not evil. They felt frozen, overwhelmed, seen by the entity. Their lower lip burned. They were mesmerized, had a migraine headache, felt nausea, panic, rage. Their throat and mouth were sore. They experienced a time loss. Another felt they were in a trance.

Seven reports include mention of electronics affected at the ground level.

While directly feeling ill effects from a UFO would be quite frightening, some witnesses were outright afraid during their encounters. Twelve witnesses reported being at some level of fright during their episodes.

Classically, UFO photography and video are a wretched mess. Can’t anyone get a high definition photo? Can just one person hold the camera steady during a video shoot? Thirty-two witnesses reported taking one or more object photos. Seventeen reported taking video. This year’s collection contains its fair share of the fuzzy and the damned, but there are a few worth looking at.

Cloaking objects seem to be on the rise with 19 cases (or 6 percent) describing various phases of the entire craft disappearing or fading away.

Other object surface observations include: angular lines, appendages, arched ribs, an aura, appeared to be breathing, chrome-like, dark, edges blurry, filmy mist, fog around it, fuzzy, glass-like, matte-like, metal-paned glass, metallic, misty, a pattern of black dots, perpetual kinetic motion, pink burning atmosphere, plated, reddish webbing, reflecting light, seamless, shiny, silvery, skin pattern, smooth bottom, strips of metal fluttering off, watery ripples, and windows.

Witnesses again this year are revealing the repeating pattern that UFOs come in all sizes – from something you might hold in the palm of your hand to objects measuring three or four football fields long. And while we have repeating patterns on shape, the triangle maintains its lead as the most commonly reported shape. But it would almost seem no two UFOs are identical. Another repeating pattern is that UFOs do not follow our mass production style of supply and demand. The other most common repeating pattern is that, despite shape and size, the object can move great distances in very short time spans, can stop on a dime, hover in place, and all of the above without making a sound. Then in smaller groups, witnesses are reporting electrical failures at the ground level, drained batteries, radio interference, reducing the chances of good, high definition photography. Sometimes the ground effects are weirder. Some witnesses report loss of time, disorientation, an awareness of the total lack of natural sound, or situations where other people around do not seem to be aware of the object.

Witness testimony from any location or background is important, but we did take note in particular cases where a background might strengthen a case. Twenty-four of our witnesses identified as: aircraft enthusiast, air traffic controller, engineer, flight navigator, law enforcement, military, pilot, or police.

Another recurring trend is the witness feeling as though they had a communication connection with the object. While it’s described in various ways, in 11 cases this year witnesses revealed what happened.

A military presence during cases continues to repeat year after year. Seven reports say they were near a military base when the sighting occurred. Six witnesses reported military aircraft. Two reported military helicopters.

The witness numbers reporting to MUFON are guesstimated at about one in 50. That’s a personal guess after years of research. For every case filed, there are most likely 49 more cases going unreported or filed elsewhere. As a single database, the MUFON UFO Index – naming cases of interest – appears to be the largest collection of its kind on the planet. The organization, prior to 2017, did few tracking projects where the larger data was studied and manipulated. Keywords were applied here to each case where necessary in four index areas: Location, Object, Site and Witness.

A Location Index was obvious so that specific city-state or country cases could be reviewed together. One reader simply wants cases close to the hometown. A researcher is reviewing all triangle-shaped object cases in one region. We can also study sightings by the nearest population levels.

The Object Index is where the data begins to get most interesting. We cover object: altitude, behavior, color, light color, light intensity, lighting motion, movement, multiples, shape, size, sound, structure, and surface.

The Site Index covers case details at the scene, including: animals effected, beams of light to the ground, electronics effected, entities seen, military intervention, sounds and other oddities.

The Witness Index data includes: background, communication with object, drivers or vehicle passengers, fright details, photo or video taken, and physical affects.

Reviewed as a whole, the 2018 data is a continuing set of encounter details describing mostly what we already know. It’s interesting at first on exactly where and when the encounters occurred. Many witnesses were in vulnerable, rural locations, baffled by what they were experiencing. Some were in highly populated areas wondering why there weren’t more witnesses. The data colors itself when the patterns are studied – painting dozens of intimate portraits of humans and UFOs interacting at random locations.

In most of the cases, it seems the object is on a surveillance mission of some sort with little or no regard to the humans watching. While there is a percentage of cases significantly high enough to study where communication with the object is noted – the average case reports that the object simply moves away without bothering the witness.  In a rather high number of cases, the witness reports that had they not been looking in that very spot, at that very time, the object would never have been noticed. With no sound emissions, even with body lighting, the object is often just never seen by people on the street. And there is a significant number of cases annually wherein witnesses report watching the objects cloak themselves. Somewhat amusing is the number of witnesses who say it appeared the objects were having difficulties with their cloaking devices as they were turning the objects on and off repeatedly. Let’s hope Scotty is in the engine room rearranging energy sources so the captain can get to a warp drive.

The end of the story this year is that we have a worldwide UFO epidemic most likely witnessed by less than one percent of the worldwide population annually. It’s like counting the number of people worldwide who had snake bites last year or only people killed in incidents involving an international waterway during a British holiday after 5 p.m.

UFOs are real. Research continues. We wonder about the intelligence behind objects. Purchase of UFO Cases of Interest: 2019 Edition helps keep the research going. Special thanks to the men and women of MUFON in the field daily resolving UFO cases. Please report UFO cases at