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The Dime Novels was an experimental stage and print project Roger Marsh produced in and around Chicago for several years. The serial comedy used recurring characters. Stories began as a comic novelette in print, then rewritten as a staged radio play. The stage plays are unique comedy works independent of the Dime Novels.

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UFO Cases of Interest: 2019 Edition

UFO Cases of Interest: 2018 Edition

Sacred Dialogue: Tuning Into Mother Nature’s Universal Broadcast Band

Ron Paul Speaks

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Handbook

Dime Novels

Mars Attacks Chicago

Mars Attacks Chicago is the first in the Tremont Avenue Series – and centers on Donna Steele and her husband, Al, from their second floor apartment in the Peterson Woods neighborhood on Chicago’s north side. Donna is home alone Saturday night and hears voices coming from inside her wall. Neighbor Doris Wilde quickly convinces Donna that the voice she hears must be the notorious Peterson Woods Strangler and they concoct an escape plan. Landlord Daryl Space comes to Donna’s rescue and the three discover the real reason behind the voices in the wall. Since the truth is dull and boring – and if the Strangler had actually been there Daryl could raise his rents on the three flat – they convince Chicago police that the Strangler had indeed made a visit, and poor Donna’s life was spared. In their effort to continue the illusion, now with Al helping, the four create a fictional neighbor who resides in the third floor apartment – Dominick Jewel – who has now disappeared, seemingly at the hands of the Strangler. The story takes on its own life with the Chicago media. Clues left behind become exaggerated. While no footprints were found outside the building, a secret investigating source reveals further odd evidence which leads him to believe they are actually dealing with aliens and that Dominick Jewel has time-warped from the late 1940s. In an effort to end the saga, Donna reveals the fiction behind their story to Roland Bennett, a wealthy neighbor with a history of getting things done. With his limitless funds, Roland plans and executes a full scale invasion from Mars. The rest is history.

Jack and the Wild Onion Boys

It all started as a fabulous Chicago weekend after Jack won a radio show contest. But Jack would soon discover the body of the mysterious woman in red; and have a reunion with his old school buddy Clyde – two events that set in motion the chase for the guy who stole the secret formula to the fountain of youth. But first – please raise your right hand and repeat the following words before ordering or reading this book: “By the power invested in me by the Executive Committee of the Blue North Group, I hereby make you an honorary member of the Investigative Branch of the Wild Onion Boys.” Okay – you’re good to read now.

Up Through the Ground

Donna and husband Al unexpectedly discover oil in neighbor Bob’s backyard. But Bob’s on vacation and they’ve only been asked to feed the cat. Should they do nothing and wait and see if Bob cuts them in on the millions of dollars he’s bound to earn? Or should they quickly begin digging now to get to the oil – and the potential profits before Bob comes home? How hard could that be?

Radio Plays

Cross Country Witness Testimony
This is the first in the UFO Witness Theater series.

Solid Gold Cadillac

Black Box

Stage Plays

What A Novel Idea

It’s a case of mistaken embezzlement in small town America in this comical two-act play. The mayor seems settled into his political career with his home paid off when village funds are missing. Did he accidentally carry those funds out of the country on a recent European vacation? Will Village Treasurer Nora Kind and Village Clerk Martha Raspberry help the Mayor by selling Martha’s first romance novel? Will the bank president and chief of police find out? It’s an awfully tangled web. Follow link to print edition.